How We Rate the Non-Alcoholic Beers We Review

When it comes to reviewing and rating non-alcoholic beers, our small team (mainly me) is dedicated to offering the most comprehensive and precise analysis. This methodical approach allows us to provide an unbiased assessment to assist you in choosing your next favourite non-alcoholic beer.

There are several factors to consider when reviewing non-alcoholic beers. Of course, flavour is the most important part but aroma and appearance are also important for some. Other drinkers on the hand want to know the calorie content and whether the beers are vegan and gluten-friendly. These aspects are crucial to our audience and have become a standard part of our review process. We want our readers to know that they can trust us to deliver the information they need.

Alcohol Content Limits

Every non-alcoholic beer we want to review we first check the label for its alcohol content. For a beer to be considered “non-alcoholic,” it must typically contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). While we might make some exceptions in the future and include some low alcohol beers, at the moment all the beers we have reviewed on our website have less than 0.5% alcohol.

Vegan and Gluten Friendly Assessment

In today’s diverse world, we understand the need to cater to various dietary requirements and lifestyle choices. Therefore, we confirm whether the beers are vegan and gluten-friendly. We look for clear labelling and even reach out to manufacturers if needed to ensure accuracy. While we always try to include this information it is not always readily available.

Scoring System

The core of our reviews lies in our comprehensive scoring system. We use a 50-point scale, with each beer judged against six criteria. One criterion carries a maximum of 10 points. The following table summarises our rating criteria:

CriteriaDescriptionMaximum Points
StyleIs the beer true to its declared style?10
Appearance, Colour, and HeadDoes the beer look appealing? Is the colour vibrant or accurate to its style? Is the head creamy or frothy as it should be?5
AromaDoes the beer smell fresh and inviting? Are the scent profiles consistent with the beer’s style?10
MouthfeelIs the beer watery or does it have a proper body? Does it taste like wort or does it have a well-rounded flavour profile? Especially non-alcoholic beers tend to fail in this segment.5
Nutritional ValueHow does the beer fare in terms of calories and other nutritional aspects? Does it offer any health benefits?5
Flavor and Overall ExperienceWe give the last 15 points for flavor and depending on how our overall experience of the beer was.15

The Overall Beer Experience

A beer review is of course a very subjective thing. When we judge our overall experience we even include factors such as the beer’s packaging, branding, price, and even the aftertaste. This is the “X-factor” – the overall impression the beer leaves, making you want to reach for another or recommending it to a friend.

Our team of expert reviewers follows this procedure meticulously for every non-alcoholic beer we encounter. We believe that non-alcoholic beers deserve the same rigorous evaluation as their alcoholic counterparts. By carefully rating the beers on these specific criteria, we hope to assist our readers in finding the non-alcoholic brew that perfectly fits their tastes and lifestyles. Cheers to finding your next favourite non-alcoholic beer!