Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer Breweries

Here are some of the best non-alcoholic beer breweries. The list is of breweries that only brew non-alcoholic craft beer.

Athletic Brewing Company Logo

Athletic Brewing Company

Read the story about one of the most important pioneers of the non-alcoholic craft beer industry.

Bravus Brewing Logo

Bravus Brewing Company

It is said that Bravus Brewing Company is the first non-alcoholic beer brewery in USA. Here you can read what they are all about and where you can find their beers.

Surreal Brewing Company Logo

Surreal Brewing Company

Surreal Brewing Company is really focusing on the health aspect of non-alcoholic craft beer. With their brews, they are trying not to exclude any drinker.

Lowtide Brewing Company Logo

Lowtide Brewing Co

A brewery founded by the creators of the webshop Crafty AF. They simply felt the selection was not good enough so decided to start brewing their own beer.

Partake Brewing Logo

Partake Brewing

Partake is the most popular Canadian brewery for non-alcoholic beer. Read their story.

Drop Bear Beer Co Logo

Drop Bear Beer Co.

Welsh, female-owned, carbon-neutral. One of the most influential brewers of non-alcoholic craft beer in Europe. Read their story.