Exploring the Exclusive World of Go Brewing’s Beer Club – Review

Go Brewing Believer Beer Club Logo

The craft beer scene is constantly evolving, with enthusiasts always on the lookout for new and exciting brews. Enter Go Brewing, a brewery that’s shaking things up with its unique beer club, offering a range of memberships tailored to suit every beer lover’s needs. We took a closer look at how Go Brewing’s beer club … Read more

A Healthier Pint: UK Sales Surge for No- and Low-Alcohol Beers

Man with a pint of non-alcoholic beer

The market for no- and low-alcohol beers in the UK has seen a significant increase, with sales surging during the summer months. This is due to a growing desire among people, particularly those from younger generations, to pursue healthier lifestyles and choose alcohol-free options. As a result, brewers have been stepping up their production to … Read more

How Two Brewers Moon-Landed into the Oval Office: A Tale of Hops, Hope and the Highest Office

A flying moon rocket

This is the second part of our series “Hops & Giggles”. You can call it fan-made fiction or whatever, but I hope it gives you a few laughs! Bill Shufelt and John Walker, two blokes who loved the golden bubbly but hated the staggering and stumbling, decided to stick their fingers in the beer barrel … Read more

Non-Alcoholic Craft Beers Struggling to Gain Traction in Southeast Asia

Guys on bicycles drinking non-alcoholic craft beer in a Southeast asian environment

The global beer market is as diverse as it is competitive. There are many categories and subcategories, with non-alcoholic beer being one of them. In recent years, non-alcoholic craft beer has seen steady growth in many western markets. However, it hasn’t been able to replicate that success in Southeast Asia. Despite the influx of major … Read more

O’Doul’s: A Pioneering Non-Alcoholic Beer with a Controversial Taste

A six-pack of O'Doul's non-alcoholic beer.

O’Doul’s beer, a non-alcoholic beer, has been stirring up conversations and dividing opinions ever since it was introduced in the 1990s. While some praise the beer for its innovation and contribution to the non-alcoholic beer market, others criticize its taste, which doesn’t quite appeal to everyone. This article delves into the history of O’Doul’s beer, … Read more

Hops & Giggles Part 1: A Journey Through the Hop-less Wasteland of Sobriety

Hipster drinking non-alcoholic beer

So, I decided to make a comedy series about non-alcoholic craft beer called Hops & Giggles. I have used the help of my good friend GPT and in this post I had it write a non-acoholic hipsterish article in the voice of George Carlin. All for good laughs, enjoy! The story Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve … Read more