Suped Up – A Healthy Pre-workout Beer

Athletic Brewing Company, which we have written about several times on our website is releasing Suped Up, a drink they call “the world’s first pre-workout brew”. They have teamed up with Super Coffee which is a company that creates bottled coffee.

Suped Up is not only good for your pre-workout, they try to make it as sustainable as possible. It is brewed with spent grains from the beers from Athletic Brewing. In addition to that it is brewed with coffee which gives the beer a very dark colour.

Caffeine and protein

As crazy as it sounds, this beer is supposed to be great before a workout. This full-bodied beer gives you caffeine which definitely will help you power through your workout. Apart from that, one can also has 5 grams of protein which is great for recovery and rebuilding muscle.

CEO and co-founder of Athletic Brewing, John Walker said “The recipe took several months to develop. We are super excited with the roasty and chocolatey flavours that are complemented by the coffee flavor from Super Coffee”.

Beer based on friendship

The origins of this beer actually came from two friends. These friends were Bill Shufelt and Jimmy DeCicco from Athletic Brewing and Super Coffee respectively. They met in 2021 and quickly became friends. They kept in touch, talked about business and in the end realized they could do something exciting together. This resulted in the creation of Suped Up which the two guys call the world’s first pre-workout beer.

We have definitely head of post-workout beers before, but this is a new take on beer and exercise.

To promote this non-alcoholic beer they have created an ad with several athletes and also their own jingle for the beer. If you haven’t seen these ads already, we are sure you will soon start seeing them on social media platforms.

The beer was released on the 7th of March 2023. It can be bought exclusively at Athletic Brewing Company’s website.

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