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Read the story about one of the most important pioneers of the non-alcoholic craft beer industry.

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It is said that Bravus Brewing Company is the first non-alcoholic beer brewery in USA. Here you can read what they are all about and where you can find their beers.

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Embargo Craft Beer Bar in Phnom Penh

Do you love craft beer but are tired of the hangovers?

We have been involved in the craft beer business for a long time. Despite it being a lot of fun, sometimes it’s a bit too fun. We didn’t wanna stop drinking craft beer but we wanted to feel better in the morning – that’s why we realigned our passion to low-alcohol craft beers.

Non-alcoholic craft beers have started getting better over the past few years. With brewers like American Athletic Brewing and British Big Drop Brewing Co, focusing only on NA craft beer, there are plenty of good beers to be had, beers that don’t make you feel bad in the morning.

We’re no hardcore teetotallers but we just love the option of having tasty craft beer without the hangovers. The non-alcoholic craft beers are also just getting better and better all the time and are appearing as a completely new category in the craft beer scene. We are not sure how far this trend will go but we want to support it as much as possible.

Whatever your reason is for choosing NA craft beer, we’re happy you are here. Join us in our Facebook community and maybe you even want to share your own story on the website?

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Non-alcoholic Craft Beer Reviews

On our website, we write non-alcoholic craft beer reviews. We mainly focus on beers with an ABV under 0.5%, but maybe a few low-alcohol craft beers will get a chance to be featured in the future.

Beer news

We try to keep you up with the latest news from the non-alcoholic beer industry. We write news articles about the breweries but also mention if there are some new exciting beers on the market.

Beer guides

Have you ever wondered how non-alcoholic beer is made? If NA beer is healthy? Which are the best non-alcoholic beers? We´ve got you covered. We publish guides about everything imaginable but we also like to make lists about the beers.

Brewery profiles

We would not have beer without the brewers. That´s why we showcase the brewers behind the non-alcoholic beers that you love. We try to find as much information about them as possible and sometimes we sneak in a review or two! We are quite an international website so you will find breweries from USA, England, Wales, and even Hong Kong!

Country guides

Are you going on a trip somewhere? Check out our guides about how to find alcohol free beer in the country you are travelling to. We are trying to add as many countries as possible but it takes plenty of research. So far we have written country guides about Denmark, Finland, Thailand, Scotland, and a few more.

Beer map

Don´t forget to check out our non-alcoholic craft beer map where we try to list all the bars and restaurants that take NA beers seriously.

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Share your stories. Why do you like NA craft beer? Which beer do you like the most and where do you see the industry heading?