Light Beers: The Ultimate Guide to Low Calorie Beers

In an era where health-conscious habits have become mainstream, many beer enthusiasts face the challenge of balancing their love for vegacraft beer with their dietary goals. The beer industry has responded by offering an increasingly diverse range of low calorie beers. These beers can offer the best of both worlds without breaking your caloric bank.

The Appeal of Zero Calorie Beer and Low Cal Beers

The concept of zero calorie beer, while technically impossible due to alcohol’s inherent caloric content, has inspired the production of ‘near zero‘ options. Some of the best low calorie beers come close to this goal by containing fewer than 100 calories per serving, which is significantly lower than a typical beer’s caloric content. In comparison, many macro lagers have about 160 calories per serving and heavier beers like IPAs and Stouts can have well over 200 calories.

The rise of such low cal beers is tied to a broader cultural trend towards health and wellness, where consumers are increasingly demanding healthier versions of their favorite products, beer included. Low calorie beers are easier to brew if they are non-alcoholic but if you still want it to taste like beer there will always be some calories in it. The only 0 calorie beer-like drink that exists would be hop water.

Types of Low Calorie Beers

Low Calorie Lager

Lager, one of the most popular types of beer globally, has undergone a caloric reduction in some of its versions. Low calorie lagers offer the clean, crisp flavors characteristic of the style, but with fewer calories. Many non alcoholic brewers now offer lagers with a caloric content of between 35 and 55 calories per 12 oz.

Low Calorie IPA

India Pale Ale (IPA) is known for its strong hoppy flavors are difficult to make non-alcoholic. It is not actually difficult to brew a non-alcoholic IPA, it is difficult to keep the flavor balance.. However, several breweries have succeeded in crafting low calorie IPAs that retain the bold flavors craft beer enthusiasts love.

Low Calorie Pale Ale

Similarly, breweries have also been creating low calorie versions of Pale Ales. These beers maintain the balance of malt and hop flavors found in traditional Pale Ales, but with reduced caloric content.

Low Calorie Alcohol Free Beer

Low calorie alcohol free beers are a fast-growing category in the beer market. These beers are brewed in a way that either prevents the production of alcohol or removes it after brewing. They typically have the lowest calorie content of all beer types, and some even approximate the elusive ‘0 calorie beer.’

Looking for the Beer with Least Calories

When aiming for the beer with the least calories we recommend you read our beer reviews. In them, we always mention the caloric content of the beer. We also mention if the beers are vegan beers or gluten-free beers.

Sugar in Beer: The Low Sugar Beers Trend

Another health-conscious trend that’s reshaping the beer industry is the rise of low sugar beers. Sugar, alongside alcohol, contributes to the caloric content of beer. Non-alcoholic beers are already low in alcohol and by reducing sugar levels, breweries can create even lower calorie beers.

The Craft Revolution: Low Calorie Craft Beer

The craft beer movement has also embraced the trend of low calorie beers. These small-batch brewers are proving that it’s possible to create flavorful, unique beers with fewer calories. Low calorie craft beers come in a variety of styles, from IPAs to stouts, making them an exciting category to explore. With health and wellness being even more important for today┬┤s youth, non-alcoholic low calorie beers are a great choice.

Best Tasting Low Calorie Beers

Finding the best tasting low calorie beer often comes down to personal preference. Some people may prefer the refreshing lightness of a low calorie lager, while others may enjoy the complexity of a low calorie IPA or Pale Ale. Experimenting with different types and brands is the best way to find your perfect balance between flavor and caloric content.

Low Calorie Beer Options for Different Diets

For those following specific diets, there are options available. Low carb low calorie beer is ideal for individuals following low carbohydrate diets like Keto. For those monitoring their sugar intake, low sugar beers may be the perfect choice. Remember to check nutritional information to ensure the beer fits into your diet.

Low Calorie Beer List

Here are some popular low calorie beers in various styles:

  1. Drop Bear Beer – Bonfire Stout (56 kcal per can).
  2. Lowtide Brewing Co – Promises I Made Myself (59 kcal per can).
  3. Brewdog – Punk AF (36 kcal per can).
  4. Mikkeller – Drinkin The Sun (46 kcal per can).
  5. Big Drop – Pine Trail Pale Ale (61 kcal per can).


With the surge in demand for healthier alternatives, the variety of low calorie beers available has grown significantly. Whether you’re looking for the lowest calorie alcohol beer or the best tasting low calorie beer, there’s likely a brew out there that will satisfy your taste buds without overloading on calories.

The future of low calorie beer looks promising as breweries continue to innovate, creating flavorful options with lower alcohol, less sugar, and fewer calories. The non-alcoholic craft beer breweries are at the forefront of this and the result is a wide range of low calorie beer options that cater to beer lovers of all types, from the casual drinker to the craft beer enthusiast.

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