AF Country Guides

We are writing country guides to each country where you can find non-alcoholic craft beer.


Flag of Denmark


A country famous for Carlsberg, Mikkeller, and a long tradition of beer-making. Read where you can find non-alcoholic craft beer in Denmark.

Flag of Finland


Finland has a surprising amount of non-alcoholic craft beers for a country that is not huge in the craft beer scene. In this guide, we will talk about where you can buy non-alcoholic craft beer in Finland and which brands are available.

Flag of Scotland for Scottish NA craft beer guide.


Scotland has a surprisingly good scene for non-alcoholic craft beer with breweries like Brewdog paving the way.

Flag of Sweden for Swedish NA craft beer guide.


Sweden´s alcohol laws are truly unique. Their strict laws regarding alcohol over 3.5% has given the country a very different relationship with alcohol.


Flag of Cambodia


Cambodia has a small but passionate craft beer scene. Read more about where you can find non-alcoholic craft beer in the country.

Flag of Thailand


Thailand has a great craft beer scene that unfortunately has struggled because of strict laws regarding alcohol production. Read more about craft beer in Thailand.