Non Alcoholic Craft Beer in Scotland

BrewDog refused to brew real ale

The Scotsmen are quite famous for being heavy drinkers. We have reviewed a lot of non-alcoholic craft beers and we’ve been surprised that a large portion of them was Scottish. Could it actually be that non-alcoholic beer in Scotland is such a big thing?

It definitely seems so and we decided to take a closer look at what is happening with the alcohol free beer scene in Scotland and where you can find these beers.

Where to find non-alcoholic beer in Scotland

If you didn’t already know, Brewdog is a Scottish brewer. They have been pioneers in many things including non-alcoholic craft beer. I remember when they first released Nanny State and I thought it was a silly idea.

After that, they released the Non Alcoholic Punk IPA called Punk AF. I still didn’t think it was a fantastic beer before I started appreciating craft beer without alcohol myself.

Since then I have seen several Scottish breweries launching NA craft beers including Fierce Beer. Here are some of the places you can find these amazing craft beers in Scotland.

Non-alcoholic craft beer bars in Scotland

While Brewdog doesn’t only brew non-alcoholic beers, they have a good selection of them. That’s why a good first stop to find NA beers in Scotland is the Brewdog bars. You can find them in the following cities:

  • Edinburgh
  • Aberdeen
  • Ellon
  • Perth
  • Glasgow
  • St Andrews
  • Dundee

Please contact us if you know some more bars serving alcohol free craft beer in Scotland. We know the majority of bars today have NA options, but if you know about craft beer bars with NA beers we would be happy to hear about them.

Where to buy non-alcoholic beer in Scotland online

Again, Brewdog is drawing the long stick here. While there are other options, you can get classics like Nanny State and Punk AF from the Brewdog webshop.

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DryDrinker that we have previously talked about also ships low alcohol and non alcoholic craft beer to Scotland.

Other places you can find NA beer

Normally you can’t buy alcoholic drinks before 10 am in Scotland. Luckily beers under 0.5 ABV are considered non-alcoholic and there are no restrictions on buying non-alcoholic beers.

Scottish grocery stores today have a decent selection of non-alcoholic beers.

How much does non-alcoholic beer cost in Scotland

Non-alcoholic craft beers are surprisingly cheap in Scotland. For example, buying them at Brewdog you can get 2 cases for about £48. That’s about one pound per can which I don’t consider bad at all.

I could see that Brewdog Edinburgh has both Hazy Jane Alcohol Free and Lost Alcohol free available. The prices for them are just over £5 a glass so they’re slightly cheaper than alcoholic beers.

History of craft beer in Scotland

Scotland has more than 5000 years of history of brewing beer. The country has long followed the real ale trend which was also the thing with the first Scottish craft beer brewers Innis & Gunn. They were still making cask beer but decided to mature them in oak barrels.

Later on, you had BrewDog that refused to brew real ale and went more for the American way of brewing craft beer. The rest is history and Brewdog is now one of the most influential craft breweries in world, albeit sometimes a bit controversial.

There’s no denying they paved the way for many other Scottish craft breweries including the following:

  • Vault City Brewing
  • Holy Goat Brewing
  • F**k Cancer Brew Project
  • Evertone Brewing Co
  • Dead End Brew Machine

Some of the best Non Alcoholic beers in Scotland

  • Yardarm Lager by Jump/Ship Brewery
  • Nanny State by Brewdog
  • Lust for Life DDH NA IPA by Brulo Brewing
  • Centennial Alcohol Free IPA by BRULO
  • Sleight of Hand Stout by Tempest Brewing Co

Don´t forget to have a look at our Map of Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer Bars to see where you can find NA beers in Scotland.