Exploring the Best Non Alcoholic Craft Beer in Denmark

Denmark is famous for Carlsberg which is one of the most well-known beer brands in the world. But you might not know that they also have a very impressive craft beer scene. It is also not that difficiult to find non alcoholic craft beer in Denmark thanks to Breweries like Mikkeller.

Mikkeller is definitely the leading craft brewery in Denmark. This Danish brewery has bars not only in Copenhagen, but also in San Francisco and Bangkok. They are also big on the non alcoholic craft beers and already five or so years ago we found their non-alcohohttps://www.systembolaget.se/lic beers in Systembolaget in Sweden. 

Mikkeller isn’t the only brewery spreading the word of Alcohol free craft beer and in this guide we will take you through where you can find NA Beer in Denmark.

Where to find non alcoholic beer in Denmark

Here are where you can find non alcoholic craft beer in Denmark whether it’s in bars or online.

Non alcoholic craft beer bars

First stop for any non alcoholic craft beer lover in Denmark would be one of the several Mikkeller bars in the country. Some of them seem to have closed throughout the past few years but there are still several of them open in the capital city of Copenhagen. If you are looking for non alcoholic beer in Aarhus they also have a Mikkeller on Jægergårdsgade 61. There are also two Mikkeller bars on the Danish island of Bornholm. You can find all their locations at the Mikkeller website.

A famous place I’ve heard of that I still haven’t visited is War Pigs in Copenhagen. Friends have been recommending this place for a long time because of their food, which is mainly meat, and their craft beer selection. I contacted them and they said that they also offer non alcoholic craft beer.

Buy non alcoholic craft beer online in Denmark

If you want to buy NA craft beers in Denmark online we again start with the idea of checking out Mikkeller’s web shop. In their webshop you can find almost a dozen of Mikkeller NA beers including the following:

  • Energibajer Pale Ale
  • Limbo Raspberry Sour
  • Weird Weather IPA
  • Drink’in The Sun
  • Limbo Yuzu Sour
  • Limbo Lime Sour

Other places to find Non alcoholic beer in Denmark

You can find alcohol free beer in Danish grocery stores but the selection is seldom very good.

How much does non alcoholic craft beer cost in Denmark?

The Mikkeller non alcoholic beers are all about 30 DKK if you buy from the online shop or in the store. Expect to pay at least the double in bars.

History of Danish craft beer

Denmark really likes their alcoholic beers. They have a long tradition of brewing and it’s no surprise that craft beer is popular as well. The first microbrewery in Denmark was Bryggeriet Apollo which opened in 1990.

Of the later generation of craft beer brewers in Denmark, Mikkeller has obviously been at the forefront. Today Mikkeller operates bars even as far away as Bangkok Thailand and in several cities in USA.

When it comes to non alcoholic craft beer Mikkeller actually created their own NA beer style with their release of the beer Henry and his Science. With this beer, they also released the style Flemish Primitive. It is brewed with Mikkeller’s own yeast called Mikkelensis. It supposedly gives the beer a nice passion fruit aroma.

Best Craft Beer Breweries in Denmark

Here are some of the most popular local breweries.

  • Mikkeller
  • Amager Bryghus
  • Evil Twin Brewing
  • Svaneke Bryghus

Best non-alcoholic beers in Denmark

Here are some great Danish non-alcoholic beers you should try.

Don’t forget to have a look at our Map of Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer Bars to see where you can find NA beers in Denmark.