Svaneke Bryghus – Don’t Worry Pale Ale Review

I had no idea what to expect from the Svaneke Don’t Worry Pale Ale. Before trying it I hadn’t read anything about the beer and I only knew that it sounded like a Swedish brewery. I was actually wrong because this is a CO2-neutral Danish brewery. All their beers are also ecological so if that is your thing you might want to check out Svaneke. Not all of their beers are non-alcoholic though but they have a hemp beer!

Don´t Worry is quite an early non-alcoholic beer as it was initially released in 2017.

BrewerySvaneke Bryghus
Beer NameDon´t Worry – Non Alcoholic Pale Ale
Beer StyleNon-alcoholic Pale Ale
Tasting NotesHerbal, grainy.
Hops UsedN/A
Caloric Content25 kcal per 100 ml. 83 kcal per can.
Release Year2017
Our Rating32/50

Tasting Notes of Don’t Worry Pale Ale

Svaneke Don’t Worry Pale Ale poured very foamy. I partly admit that my pour wasn´t the greatest but I won´t take all of the blame! The beer pours dark golden and quite hazy.

The aroma is herbal, with fruity esters and some grain. It smells a bit like when mashing a beer and that is always a lovely aroma although I don’t want it to transfer too much to the taste of a finished beer. I tasted the beer and there is a slight hint of that similar wortiness but not much at all. It is not enough to bother me and there are plenty of herbal flavours from the hops to balance it. I have a feeling they have used a type of yeast that gives plenty of fruit flavours but I have no idea which it would be.

Don’t Worry is also heavily carbonated which I think suits this beer really well.


Back of a bottle of Don´t Worry Pale Ale by Svaneke Bryghus

The Don’t Worry Pale Ale has 25 kcal per 100 ml and 83 kcal in a can. The beer is not only vegan, it is also organic and carbon neutral. It does seem like it is neither a gluten-free nor gluten-reduced beer.

Our Verdict of Svaneke Don’t Worry Pale Ale

I could not really make up my mind about this beer. On one hand it is quite grainy, but on the other hand it tastes good. I have had many beers that taste like barley porridge, like the Nittenauer Freie Liebe, and while Svaneke Bryghus Don’t Worry has similarities, it still tastes quite good! It has a nice thick mouthfeel unlike many other non-alcoholic beers and the high carbonation fits well. There is also plenty of fruity or estery notes and it feels like the yeast is really having a big impact on the taste of this beer. It is not the best non-alcoholic pale ale I have had, but if bars would be serving this I would definitely drink it more than once.

Our non-alcoholic craft beer rating: 32/50


When was the Svaneke Don’t Worry Pale Ale released?

It was released in 2017.

What kind of hops are used in the Svaneke Don’t worry?

We could not find any information about which hops are used in this non-alcoholic pale ale.

Is Svaneke Don’t Worry Pale Ale gluten-free or vegan?

It is a vegan beer but it seems like it is not gluten-free.

What is the caloric content of the Svaneke Don’t Worry?

There are 83 kcal in a can of Don’t Worry Pale Ale.

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