Drop Bear Beer – New World Lager Review

This review is about the New World Lager from Drop Bear Beer, a non-alcoholic brewery from Wales. It’s a very random comment, but I like the green colour on the can of this beer. It looks very refreshing and especially when I drank it during the summer it was very appealing. Maybe it was just because it fit the backdrop of green trees so well?

So far I’ve enjoyed the other beers from Drop Bear Beer. I’ve had the Bonfire Stout and Tropical IPA, and both are good non-alcoholic options. This one was also not bad so if you are looking for some solid alcohol free beers from the United Kingdom – Drop Bear Beer is always a great choice.

BreweryDrop Bear Beer Co.
Beer NameNew World Lager
Beer StyleNon-alcoholic Lager
Tasting NotesCandied citrus, biscuit, and honey
Hops UsedMotueka, Rakau, and Wai-iti.
Caloric Content14 kcal per 100 ml. 46 kcal per can.
Release Year2020
Our Rating36/50

Tasting Notes

The Drop Bear New World Lager pours a bit hazy which was a bit of a surprise to me. It is not very hazy but still more than I had expected. I know some drinkers want their beers very clear, but I am not one of them.

The aroma was kind of what I expected from a non-alcoholic lager – grassy and malty. I was afraid the taste would be too sweet but this beer is not sweet at all. It’s actually a quite complex lager and the complex flavours really shine through when there’s no alcohol to cover it. I can’t say it is often that I sit down with a lager and admire its complexity, but with the New World Lager, I did.

I like some of the flavours, but others I like less. It is of course up to your personal preference if you will like the flavours or not but I think it is by all means a tasty and refreshing beer. I think the carbonation could be a bit higher to make it even more refreshing – but that’s just an idea. During the whole drinking experience, I was thinking about all the flavours and then I realized that the “new world” in this case meant that the hops are from New Zealand. That explains all the quite quirky flavours in the beer! 

New World Lager Nutrition

Back of the can of a New World Lager from Drop Bear Beer Company.

There are 46 kcal in a can of New World Lager which means there are 14 kcal per 100 ml. It is both vegan and gluten-free like all the beers from Drop Bear Beer Co. If you are interested in the topic, don’t forget to read more in our articles about vegan beer and gluten-free beer.

Our Verdict of New World Lager

All in all, the Drop Bear Beer New World Lager is a very unique lager-drinking experience and I really enjoyed it. It doesn’t taste like your traditional lager but it’s definitely one I will have again. It is one of the best non-alcoholic lagers I have reviewed. Once again a brilliant job from the Welsh Drop Bear Bear Beer.

My alcohol free craft beer rating: 36/50


When was the New World Lager from Drop Bear Beer released?

It was released in 2020.

What kind of hops are used in this beer?

The hops that are used are so-called new world hops. That means hops from Australia, New Zealand or the Americas. In this case they are only using hops from New Zealand and the hops are Motueka, Rakau, and Wai-iti.

Is this New World Lager gluten-free or vegan?

All beers from Drop Bear Beer are vegan and gluten-free.

What is the caloric content of the New World Lager?

There are 46 kcal in a can of New World Lager.

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