Drop Bear Beer – Yuzu Pale Ale Review

A can of Yuzu Pale Ale from Drop Bear Beer

In this article I‘m reviewing the Yuzu Pale Ale from Drop Bear Beer. This brewery is starting to become quite well-known already on my site because so far I have reviewed several of their beers. The Yuzu Pale Ale is the 4th beer from Drop Bear on this site and previously I have reviewed the … Read more

Drop Bear Beer – New World Lager Review

A can of New World Lager from Drop Bear Beer Company.

This review is about the New World Lager from Drop Bear Beer, a non-alcoholic brewery from Wales. It’s a very random comment, but I like the green colour on the can of this beer. It looks very refreshing and especially when I drank it during the summer it was very appealing. Maybe it was just … Read more

Drop Bear Beer Co – Bonfire Stout Review

Can of Drop Bear Beer Bonfire Stout

The first sip of the Bonfire Stout was intense Introduction A day before I drank the Drop Bear Bonfire Stout, I had gotten my hands on the Tropical IPA from the same brewery. It was part of a larger batch of beers and I saved the IPA until last because I had the highest expectations … Read more