Drop Bear Beer – Yuzu Pale Ale Review

In this article Im reviewing the Yuzu Pale Ale from Drop Bear Beer. This brewery is starting to become quite well-known already on my site because so far I have reviewed several of their beers. The Yuzu Pale Ale is the 4th beer from Drop Bear on this site and previously I have reviewed the following:

I had enjoyed their previous beers quite a lot so I had high expectations of this beer. Luckily it did not disappoint and it might actually be my favourite of all the four beers.

BreweryDrop Bear Beer Co.
Beer NameYuzu Pale Ale
Beer StyleNon-alcoholic Pale Ale
Tasting NotesCitrus, biscuit, pine
Hops UsedN/A
Caloric Content11 kcal per 100 ml. 36 kcal in 330 ml can.
Release Year2019
Our Rating43/50

Tasting Notes

The beer pours golden and the head disappears quite quickly. I really did not mind this because after my first sip, I realized that this is the kind of beer I want after a long day at work. The aroma might not have been that impressive because it is quite weak, but the taste is awesome. It is one of those non-alcoholic beers where you are actually doubting it is non-alcoholic – the old familiar “Did they mix up the beers?”.

The carbonation is quite high but on point and the flavour has a nice balance of malts and some citrus flavours from the yuzu. It is not a complex beer at all and it doesnt actually pack a lot of flavour. It is just a good-tasting beer that I could drink quite a few of at any time of the day.

Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale Nutrition

There are only 11 kcal per 100 ml in this beer. That is about 36 kcal per can which is what we would consider a low-calorie beer. Like all beers from Drop Drop Bear Beer, the Yuzu Pale Ale is both vegan and gluten-free.

Our Verdict of Yuzu Pale Ale from Drop Bear Beer

When drinking the Yuzu Pale Ale you will not experience an explosion of flavours. There is really not much happening either in the flavour or aroma. I still enjoyed this beer very much because of its solid and balanced flavour and how refreshing the beer is. It is a solid choice for a hot day, that is for sure, but I would drink this beer pretty much any time of the year.

Finally, Ill give this beer the same rating as the Bonfire Stout from the same brewery.

Our craft beer rating: 43/50


When was the Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale released?

This beer has been around since 2019.

What kind of hops are used in the Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale?

Drop Bear has not released any information about which hops they have used.

Is this non-alcoholic beer gluten-free or vegan?

One thing that we really like with Drop Bear Beer is that all of their beers are gluten-free and vegan. With Drop Bear you never need to worry about these things because they are a given.

What is the caloric content of theĀ Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale?

There are 11 kcal per 100 ml or 36 kcal in a 330 ml can.

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