Drop Bear Beer Co – Tropical IPA

  • Name: Tropical IPA
  • Brewery: Drop Bear Beer Co.
  • Style: Non-alcoholic IPA
  • ABV: 0.5% 
  • IBU: 46
  • Packaging: Can 
  • Released: 2019
  • Rating: 39/50


If you read my review of Drop Bear Beer’s Bonfire Stout, you might remember the story where I had bought the Tropical IPA from the same brewery. Unfortunately, my brother drank it while I was outside and I didn’t manage to get my hands on it again. To my surprise, I managed to find it during my trip to find craft beer in Hong Kong. Of course, I was over the moon when I found it and the beer didn’t disappoint!

Drop Bear Beer Co is a craft brewery from Wales that was founded in 2019.

Tasting Notes

This beer looks amazing. The head is on the thinner side but is long-lasting. It pours golden and it looks way better than the grey-white colour many non alcoholic craft beers have

The mouthfeel is very light as expected and the aroma is that of a proper IPA. Stone fruit and citrus notes in the aroma also. It’s quite bitter which is nice as it tastes like how IPAs used to do when people were pushing the bitterness to new highs a few years ago. It doesn’t have the malt profile or any alcohol to balance it out which makes the IBU of 45 taste more bitter than normally. 

I think it’s a very daring attempt to create something that is trying to be a really bitter non-alcoholic IPA. It’s one of the better attempts at this and with the current technologies we have available I think they’re doing a great job.

Drop Bear Beer Co – Tropical IPA Calories and Nutrition

The Tropical IPA is brewed with Ekuanot, Simcoe, Citra, and El Dorado hops. It contains wheat and oats, apart from the normal malted barley. Despite that, it is vegan and gluten-free.

This IPA is very low in calories with only 25 kcal in a 330 ml can.

Drop Bear Beer Co – Tropical IPA Rating

It took me almost half a year to finally get my hands on this alcohol free beer. It was really happy to find it and luckily the beer didn’t disappoint. It’s really bitter if that is what you are into. It’s difficult to balance the bitterness when there is no alcohol but I think Drop Bear Beer Co. is doing a good job with it. I really can’t wait to try the other beers from this fantastic Welsh craft brewery.

Our Alcohol Free Craft Beer Rating: 39/50


What is the ABV of Drop Bear Beer Co – Tropical IPA?

It has an ABV 0f 0.5%.

How many calories in Drop Bear Beer Co – Tropical IPA?

There are only 25 calories in a can.

Is this non-alcoholic IPA vegan?

Yes, it is a vegan non-alcoholic IPA.

Is Tropical IPA gluten-free?

Yes, it is a gluten-free non-alcoholic beer.

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