Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer in Hong Kong

I made a 9-day trip to Hong Kong so I had plenty of time to explore the options of non-alcoholic craft beer in Hong Kong. I fell in love with the liveliness of the city, all the cool little alleys, and the many world-class eateries. I did even find some non alcoholic craft beer from Hong Kong which I didn’t really expect. In this guide, I will talk about where you can find alcohol free beers in Hong Kong and which brands are available.

Where to find non-alcoholic beer in Hong Kong?

Can of No Limits Pale Ale from Hong Kong Beer Co

It´s not that difficult to find NA craft beers in Hong Kong. They are in most of the bigger grocery stores and you can also buy them online. I was a little bit disappointed at the selection of the actual Hong Kong craft beer bars, but I hope that is something that will change in the future.

There are also some non-alcoholic beers from Hong Kong which I was very happy to see.

Non-alcoholic craft beer bars in Hong Kong

There are several really cool craft beer bars in Hong Kong. Surprisingly enough, most of them don’t serve any alcohol free options. That was quite annoying and I did rub it in and praised Craftissimo for their selection while talking to one of the other bar owners.

Interior of Craftissimo, craft beer bar in Hong Kong
Craftissimo Bottle Shop in Hong Kong

Craftissimo definitely has the best selection of non-alcoholic craft beers in Hong Kong. They have a whole shelf of them and supposedly it’s a rotating shelf which I also appreciate. The bar has a very cool non-pretentious feel to it and the guy behind the bar was very friendly. There are also over 250 alcoholic options and I liked the seating space outside.

The other place I really liked was HK Brewcraft. It’s actually a shop selling brewery equipment and that has been around since about 2013. They have a very impressive selection of craft beer with stuff ranging from IPAs and Flemish Reds. The only non-alcoholic beer that was available was the No Limits Pale Ale from Hong Kong Beer Co. However, despite only one option, I talked to the people running it and they’ve been having their eyes on non-alcoholic beers recently. I’m sure they will add some more variety very soon.

Where to buy non-alcoholic beer in Hong Kong online

You can probably buy the non-alcoholic beers we talked about earlier at their respective webshops. However, if you want to have a better selection we recommend checking out The Bottle Shop Hong Kong. They definitely have the best selection of NA craft beers online and at their webshop you can find Heaps Normal Quiet XPA and Big Drop Brewing Pine Trail Pale Ale, among others. The price for a can is between 25 and 35 Hong Kong Dollars.

Other places you can find NA beer

Grocery stores are a sure bet when it comes to non-alcoholic beer in HK. I was pleasantly surprised because all of the larger grocery stores have a selection of 4-8 non-alcoholic craft beers. I found NA beers from Big Drop, Nøgne ø, and Drop Bear Beer, but also Hong Kong Beer Co and Gweilo.

Grocery stores in Hong Kong with NA beers:

  • City Super

How much does non-alcoholic beer cost in Hong Kong

Non alcoholic craft beer prices are in general between 25 and 50 Hong Kong dollars at grocery stores. The interesting thing is that at bars you pay a similar amount for cans but draught beers are more like 80 dollars. As there are currently no non-alcoholic beers on tap in Hong Kong you will most like pay between 30-50 HKD for a can, even at a bar.