Hong Kong Beer Co – No Limits Pale Ale Review

  • Name: No Limits (N0.0 Limits)
  • Brewery: Hong Kong Beer Co
  • Style: Pale Ale
  • ABV: 0.5%
  • IBU: 28
  • Packaging: Can
  • Released: 2023
  • Rating: 35/50


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really struggled to find non-alcoholic beers in Hong Kong before I found Craftissimo. It seems like my luck had turned a little bit because after that I visited HK Brewcraft. First I found the Hong Kong Beer Co No Limits Pale Ale on the warm shelf. I looked in the fridge and was worried I wouldn’t find it cold. 

Eventually, I did find it cold and that’s why I decided to write a review of HK Brewcraft as well. One beer might not be much, but it’s always a start, and better than 90% of the Hong Kong Craft beer bars I visited.

Tasting Notes

The beer has an impressive head, and as you can see it was served in an amusingly small glass. Pours light golden but looks pretty good for a non-alcoholic beer.

It has nice piney notes in the aroma. It comes through quote nicely although it’s still far away from a West Coast IPA.

The mouthfeel is a bit heavier than most non-alcoholic beers but still light. Light notes of citrus but it’s still lacking a bit on the flavour side.

No Limits Pale Ale Calories and Nutrition

The calories in No Limits Pale Ale from Hong Kong Brewing Company is 61 kcal per can. If a can is 330 ml that means there is about 20 kcal per 100 ml. There are 0 sugars in the beer.

No Limits is brewed with Cryo Pop, Citra, Idaho 7, and Azacca hops

No Limits Pale Ale Rating

All-in-all, the N0.0 Limits Pale Ale is a nice non-alcoholic Pale Ale. It could be a bit more flavourful, but it’s not bad by any means. The flavour notes are solid, there could just be a bit more of them.

If you want to have a local non-alcoholic Hong Kong beer, then this and the Gweilo Alcohol Free Pale Ale would be your only options. However, I much preferred this beer.

Our Alcohol Free Craft Beer Rating – 35/50


What is the ABV of No Limits Pale Ale from Hong Kong Beer Co?

The ABV is 0.5%.

How many calories in N0.0 Limits Pale Ale from Hong Kong Beer Co?

It has 20 kcal per 100 ml which means there are 61 kcal in a can.

Is this non-alcoholic beer vegan?

We are not hundred percent sure, but it seems like this beer is not vegan.

Is this non-alcoholic craft beer gluten-free?

It seems like it might not be gluten-free.

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