Gweilo – Alcohol Free Pale Ale

  • Name: Alcohol Free Pale Ale
  • Brewery: Gweilo
  • Style: Non-alcoholic Pale Ale
  • ABV: 0.3%
  • IBU: N/A
  • Packaging: Can
  • Released: 2021
  • Rating: 18/50

The beer actually looks very good. It doesn’t have the super light colour as many non-alcoholic pale ales have.


Gweilo is actually a brand of craft beer from Hong Kong which I originally stumbled upon in Cambodia. Their first batches of beer were brewed at Kingdom Breweries in Phnom Penh. For a while, it was circulating in the craft beer bars in Cambodia, but the Gweilo Alcohol Free Pale Ale is brewed in Hong Kong.

The brewery was founded in 2014 and they released their first beer in 2015. The word Gweilo is actually the Cantonese word for foreigner.

Tasting Notes

I just opened this can and the beer started foaming out of the can. I poured it into a can and there was a huge head on the beer. Didn’t even look like normal foam, it looked like a crazy cloud.

Apart from that, the beer actually looks very good. It doesn’t have the super light colour as many non-alcoholic pale ales have. 

Carbonation is quite low and the aroma is on the sweeter side. The same applies to the taste that is sweet and has small hints of wort taste. Not bad though, but also not my preferred taste at all. I thought maybe there is lactose but it seems like they’re just using arrested fermentation in their brewing process. That also explains the high sugar content of 9.9g of sugar in one can. I like the citrusy notes but because of the sweetnes it is not my preferred type of non alcoholic beer. While I don’t hate it, I’m also not a huge fan of it.

Beer Name Calories and Nutrition

There is 25 kcal per 100 ml, 82.5 kcal per can. It is not a particularly low calorie non alcoholic beer but, of course, still lower in calories than normal beers. The ABV is 0.3% but we could not get any information about the IBU, nor whether the beer is vegan or gluten-free.

Gweilo – Alcohol Free Pale Ale Rating

The Alcohol Free Pale Ale from Gweilo looks good and has a decent taste. However, the sugar content is too high which makes the beer a bit too sweet. I actually prefer the No Limits Pale Ale from Hong Kong Beer Co.

Our Alcohol Free Craft Beer Rating – 18/50


What is the ABV of Gweilo – Alcohol Free Pale Ale?

The ABV is 0.3%.

How many calories in Gweilo – Alcohol Free Pale Ale?

There is 25 kcal in 100 ml which means there is about 83 kcal in a can.

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