Kingfisher Non-alcoholic Beers: A Refreshing Taste of India

Bottle of Kingfisher Ultra Non Alcoholic Beer in India

Kingfisher, a renowned Indian beer brand, has broadened its horizons by venturing into non-alcoholic beverages, including Kingfisher Radler and Kingfisher Non-Alcoholic Beer. These refreshing drinks cater to a wide range of consumers, providing alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages in India. This article explores the story behind Kingfisher Radler and Kingfisher Non-Alcoholic Beer, their impact on … Read more

Gweilo – Alcohol Free Pale Ale

Can of Alcohol Free Pale Ale from Gweilo Hong Kong.

The beer actually looks very good. It doesn’t have the super light colour as many non-alcoholic pale ales have. Introduction Gweilo is actually a brand of craft beer from Hong Kong which I originally stumbled upon in Cambodia. Their first batches of beer were brewed at Kingdom Breweries in Phnom Penh. For a while, it … Read more