Seabrew 2022 and Asia Beer Championship Winners

Seabrew 2022 is over and it was a blast! It is an annual brewer’s conference and trade fair with a focus on Asia. This year it was held in Bangkok, Thailand – just like the last one in 2019. In 2020 it was supposed to be held in Taiwan but the event got canceled because of the pandemic.

Many of the big names present

At this year’s Seabrew event, there were a considerable amount of attendees. It was said that around 500 people attended the event.

There were perhaps 30 different booths. We could for example see the yeast supplier Fermentis and hops distributor Yakima Chief Hops. Especially the Yakima Chief Hops booth was popular as they were serving a few different beers including ones from Carbon Brews which is a craft beer brewery from Hong Kong and Wizard Brewery, a craft beer brewery from Thailand. There were also some beers brewed with their new experimental hop the HBC 586.

The Asian beer distributor Beervana was also present with some of their best offerings.

Talking about non-alcoholic craft beer

To my surprise, one of the conferences was about non-alcoholic craft beer. I didn’t expect that because Asia is still not that big on the whole alcohol free beer thing. I know that Hoprizon from Vietnam is making an NA craft beer, but I haven’t seen many other brewers doing it.

However, here it was Fermentis that showcased their new experimental yeast which can brew beers of less than 0.5%. They also gave us a sample of one of the beers brewed with this yeast, which was Free Time from Bridge Road Brewers. Don’t forget to read our Bridge Road Brewers Free Time review.

There were also some interesting numbers. For example, Europe has about 30% of the non-alcoholic beer market at the moment. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, the Middle East is seeing a huge uptick in alcohol free beer production. Also, the market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 7.5% until 2024.

Bottle of Nittenauer Freie Liebe

Later in the day, I got a sample of Nittenauer Freie Liebe non-alcoholic craft beer, but it was a very worty brew that I wasn´t really enjoying.

Seabrew day 2 was filled with workshops

The second day went as usual. People were drinking free beer and eating good food. Of course, people also attended the many interesting conferences that were being held.

There were also different workshops running throughout the day. There was for example one workshop where you could build your own beer. The one that seemed to interest the brewers the most was the one where they were learning to recognize different off-flavors. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get a ticket to that one.

Some great entertainment was also to be had. One of the most memorable ones was probably the bagpipe player. It was a pretty massive feeling when the sound of the bagpipe started to move through the room. We hoped they had brought in Dropkick Murphys but that was unfortunately not the case.

Changing its name to Brew Asia

New Brew Asia Logo

The founder of Seabrew, Charles Guerrier, also announced that the conference will change its name. From next year when it will be held in Vietnam, it is going to be called Brew Asia. That means it will be called Brew Asia Vietnam 2023 next year. The reason for this is probably to make countries like China, Korea, and Japan feel more included. These countries have usually been well-represented in the Asia Beer Championships Awards.

Asia Beer Championships 2022 Winners

The grand finale of the event was the Asia Beer Championships. Everyone was gathered in one of the conference rooms cheering for their teams to win awards for the best craft beers in Asia. It was an intense atmosphere with many cheerful people, and I really enjoyed watching it. Hopefully next year they can include a category for non-alcoholic craft beer, or at least a category for low-alcohol craft beer too.

Here are all the winners from Asia Beer Championships 2022

1. Best Weissbier in Asia

GoldOriginal Wheat BeerHaidilao International Holding LtdChina
SilverFirst-Wort WeissbierURBREWChina
BronzeBavarian Madness7 Bridges Brewing CompanyVietnam

2. Best Witbier in Asia

GoldMisty LakeNo 18 BreweryChina
SilverViet WitPasteur Street Brewing CoVietnam
BronzeIsekado Hime WhiteIsekado BreweryJapan

3. Best American Wheat Beer in Asia

SilverAmerican WheatThe Ranche BrewingKorea
BronzeLost in JapanElias Wicked Ales & SpiritsPhilippines

4. Best International Lager in Asia

GoldBia Saigon ChillSaigon Beer Alcohol Beverage CorporationVietnam
SilverMannheim HellesMannheim Craft BreweryIndia
BronzeIce Ice BabyEightX Brewing Co – SevenDazeSingapore

5. Best International Dark Lager in Asia

GoldGangnam StyleArtmonster BreweryKorea
SilverLovibond Dark BeerChina Resources Snow BeerChina
BronzeCheerday DarkHangzhou Cheerday BreweryChina

6. Best Pilsner in Asia

GoldTuas Factor PilsnerDistrict BrewersSingapore
SilverIt’s My LifeEightX Brewing Co – SevenDazeSingapore
BronzeUltimate LuckArtmonster BreweryKorea

7. Best Pacific Pilsner in Asia

GoldSunny PilsHimawari MicrobreweryCambodia
SilverSee What HoppensDead Man BreweryHong Kong
BronzePacific PilsnerEast West Brewing Co.Vietnam

8. Best Gose in Asia

GoldHaihe River RoseTrueman Brewing Co.China
SilverSummer BreezeBarth Haas Campus AsiaChina
BronzeCha Chaan Teng SourYoung Master BreweryHong Kong

9. Sour Beer

GoldImperial GoseGorilla Brewing CompanyKorea
SilverBarrel Collection Not So SpicyGorilla Brewing CompanyKorea
BronzeDays of Being Wild – LunaYoung Master BreweryHong Kong

10. Saison

SilverSaigon SaisonPasteur Street Brewing Co.Vietnam
BronzeParisian SaisonThe Ranch BrewingKorea

11. Golden Ale

GoldHappy Valley Golden AleHong Kong Beer CompanyHong Kong
SilverAlways BirdieArtmonster BreweryKorea
BronzeBeach BoysSmiling Mad Dog Co.Thailand

12. European Pale Ale

Gold#ITAEWONArtmonster BreweryKorea
SilverBee’s KneesDeadman BreweryHong Kong
BronzeProppa Pale AleElias Wickes Ales & SpiritsPhilippines

13. Best American Pale Ale in Asia

GoldDream Alone Pale AleHeart of Darkness BreweryVietnam
SilverIsekado Pale AleIsekado BreweryJapan
BronzePasteur Street Pale AlePasteur Street Brewing Co.Vietnam

14. Best English Style IPA in Asia

GoldIndia Pale AleBrewerkz Brewing Co.Singapore
SilverClassic IPASpecific Gravity Beverage Co.Singapore
BronzeLittle Bastard IPAYardley Brothers Craft BreweryHong Kong

15. American Style IPA in Asia

GoldRaven IPAThe Brewing ProjectThailand
SilverMosaic IPAOutlaw Brewing Co.Thailand
BronzeBackyard Harmony IPAMitchell’s Backyard BreweryPhilippines

16. Best New England/Hazy IPA in Asia

GoldNewing IPA – Spectrum EditionGorilla Brewing CompanyKorea
SilverNEIPASamata X The Brewing CompanyThailand
BronzeHazy IPAIsekado BreweryJapan

17. Best Double IPA in Asia

Gold4:00AMBrewerkz Brewing Co.Singapore
SilverImperial IPA7 Bridges Brewing CompanyVietnam
Bronze1842 IslandYoung Master BreweryHong Kong

18. Best Dark/Brown Ale in Asia

GoldMildly Dark MildBrewerkz Brewing Co.Singapore
SilverDark HorseSteersman BreweryVietnam

19. Best Porter in Asia

GoldYeongdeung PorterBeervana Brewing Co.Korea
SilverRye In PeaceBrewerkz Brewing Co.Singapore
BronzeVanilla PorterMitchell’s Backyard BreweryPhilippines

20. Best Stout in Asia

GoldDeer KickBrewerkz Brewing Co.Singapore
SilverRooster StoutRooster BeersVietnam
BronzeSeven’s StoutHong Kong Beer CompanyHong Kong

21. Best Imperial Stout in Asia

GoldAdd Oil 2022Young Master BreweryHong Kong
SilverYunnan Imperial Coffee StoutJing-A Brewing CompanyChina
BronzeElevator To AbyssDucky Fly Brewing X Look Krung Brewing Co.Thailand

22. Best Strong Ale in Asia

GoldShow Hard Man Dark Strong AleURBREWChina
SilverExtreme PrideArtmonster BreweryKorea
BronzeMaka Di Belgian TripelMaka DiIndia

23. Best Wild Ale in Asia

GoldKriek In The Barrel 2022Far Yeast Brewing Co.Japan
SilverMac MatFurbrewVietnam
BronzeDark ForestCarbon BrewsHong Kong

24. Best Fruit-Flavoured Beer in Asia

GoldBig Bird, Big MoonBeervana Brewing Co.Korea
SilverTropical NectarJing-A Brewing CompanyChina
BronzeYUZU7 Bridges Brewing CompanyVietnam

25. Best Spice/Herb-Flav. Beer in Asia

GoldMannheim Tamarind Chili SourMannheim Craft BreweryIndia
SilverFire Eater7 Bridges Brewing CompanyVietnam
BronzeSơn SetteOvermorrow Brewing CompanyVietnam

26. Best Wood/Barrel-Aged Beer in Asia

GoldThe Ghost Barrel Aged Imperial StoutHeart Of Darkness BreweryVietnam
SilverThe Shadow Barrel Aged Coffee StoutHeart of Darkness BreweryVietnam
BronzeKing Kong Imperial StoutGorilla Brewing CompanyKorea

27. Best Mixed-Style Beer in Asia

Bronze0 Mile PostIsekado BreweryJapan

28. Best Experimental Beer in Asia

GoldCaptain-Li Barley WineURBREWChina
SilverRaspberry Cheesecake Fruited SourSAMATA BrewingThailand
BronzeNot For AdultsBart Haas Campus AsiaChina

29. Best Sweet Apple Cider in Asia

GoldAuntie Apple CiderNeonotic CiderHong Kong
SilverUrbrew Apple CiderURBREWChina
BronzeOrchard Road AppleCrossroads Brewing CompanySingapore

30. Best Fruit Cider in Asia

GoldVery Berry CiderEffingut BreweriesIndia
SilverChannimit CiderDe Ploy BreweryThailand

31. Best Herb/Spiced Cider in Asia

GoldPandan CiderNeonotic CiderHong Kong
SilverApple & ChilliSaigon CiderVietnam
BronzeApple & GingerSaigon CiderVietnam

Chinese and Korean craft beer is still going strong

Like during Seabrew 2019, which was also held in Bangkok, China and Korea took home the most awards again this year. It seems like the craft beer scene is going strong in those countries although the Southeast Asian breweries are soon catching up with Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand leading the way.

Thailand is also in the process of reviewing a bill that will make it easier for Thai craft beer brewers to get a brewing license. The Cambodian craft beer brewers were also doing a good job with Himawari grabbing a medal and Riel Brewing getting a Chairman’s Selection.

See you in Vietnam 2023!

If you want to read more about Seabrew check out their website.

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