Bridge Road Brewers – Free Time Pale Ale

  • Name: Free Time
  • Brewery: Bridge Road Brewers
  • Style: Alcohol Free Pale Ale
  • ABV: 0.5%
  • IBU: 28
  • Packaging: Can
  • Released: 2022


The Free Time Pale Ale from Australian Bridge Road Brewers was a non-alcoholic craft beer I got at Seabrew 2022 trade fair in Bangkok. I hadn’t expected to see any NA beers as they are still not very popular in Thailand, or Asia in general.

To my surprise, they actually had a whole conference on the topic alcohol free craft beers. It was held by Fermentis which has a new experimental yeast that brews non-alcoholic beers. That’s where I had the chance to try this Pale Ale which was given to everyone attending the conference.

Tasting Notes

The first that ran through my mind while having this non-alcoholic craft beer was that it is very light in colour. I didn’t pour the beer myself so I’m not sure about the head but it still had some foam left when it was served. So I assume it was decent.

Got a bit of that malty flavor from wort but doesn’t taste like barley porridge. This is unlike the Nittenauer Freie Liebe I also got at Seabrew 2022. The Free Time has a bit of a fruity aroma and a moderate sweetness. It doesn’t really smell like any other beer I know but it still ha a delightful aroma.

The beer has a relatively light mouthfeel but it didn’t bother me with this beer. It actually got a bit of a lager vibe to it despite it being an Ale.

Free Time Pale Ale Calories and Nutrition

This NA Pale Ale has 22 kcal per 100 ml. This means there is 78 kcal in a whole can. This is slightly above what is average for the style but that probably is because of the unfermentable sugars that this yeast is leaving in the beer. There are 8.2 grams of sugar per can which is definitely on the higher side.

Hops that are used are Citra, Simcoe, and Enigma. Apart from malted barley, it is also brewed with oats and wheat.

ABV is 0.5% and IBU 28.

Free Time Pale Ale Rating

The Free Time Pale Ale was quite an alright beer. 

The yeast used is an experimental yeast from Fermentis called SafBrew LA-01. It uses a strain called Saccharomyces Chevalieri which they said produced phenols that can shine through if used in less hoppy beers. It is normally found in coconut palm wine fermentations and does not ferment maltose.

They are working on more similar types of yeasts which will make it easier for brewers to brew non-alcoholic craft beers. With this kind of yeasts, the brewers will be able to skip the dealcohlization process or arrested fermentation. In the future, we will see more solutions and I think they are just going to get better.

This Bridge Road Brewers beer was maybe not fantastic but a decently drinkable non-alcoholic craft beer alternative.

Our Alcohol Free Craft Beer Rating – 30/50


What is the ABV of Free Time Pale Ale?

The ABV is 0.5%.

How many calories in Free Time Pale Ale?

There are 22 kcal per 100 ml which comes down to 78 kcal per can.

Is Free Time Pale Ale vegan?

We don’t have any information if this beer is vegan or not.

Is Free Time Pale Ale gluten-free?

This non-alcoholic craft beer is not gluten-free.

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