Drop Bear Beer – Yuzu Pale Ale Review

A can of Yuzu Pale Ale from Drop Bear Beer

In this article I‘m reviewing the Yuzu Pale Ale from Drop Bear Beer. This brewery is starting to become quite well-known already on my site because so far I have reviewed several of their beers. The Yuzu Pale Ale is the 4th beer from Drop Bear on this site and previously I have reviewed the … Read more

Lowtide Brewing Co. – Ohana Review

Can of Ohana from Lowtide Brewing Company

The Ohana double dry hopped pale ale is a collaboration between Lowtide Brewing Company and Exale Brewing. Exale Brewing is a brewery from East London that, according to themselves brew wild, weird & wonderful multi-award-winning brews made in Walthamstow! You can buy their beers in their webshop but if you are looking to buy only non-alcoholic … Read more

Svaneke Bryghus – Don’t Worry Pale Ale Review

Bottle of Don´t Worry Pale Ale from Svaneke Bryghus

I had no idea what to expect from the Svaneke Don’t Worry Pale Ale. Before trying it I hadn’t read anything about the beer and I only knew that it sounded like a Swedish brewery. I was actually wrong because this is a CO2-neutral Danish brewery. All their beers are also ecological so if that … Read more

Lowtide Brewing Co. – West Coast Hop Lock Review

A can of West Coast Hope Lock from Lowtide Brewing Co

West Coast Hop Lock was the fourth beer I‘ve had from Lowtide Brewing Co. I think it was also the first non alcoholic West Coast Pale Ale I‘ve had. I bought it from Pien, the bottle shop in Helsinki that I have previously written about. This beer was a very interesting one so continue reading … Read more

Brewdog Nanny State Review

Can of Brewdog Non Alcoholic Nanny State

Description Beer Style Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale Alcohol Content 0.5% Brewer Brewdog, Scotland Flavour Notes Malty, grapefruit, herbal IBU 55 Calories 20 kcal per can Rating 38/50 Finally, after countless references to Nanny State from Brew Dog on this website, the long-awaited review is here. In the ever-expanding world of non-alcoholic beers, Nanny State undoubtedly holds … Read more

Gweilo – Alcohol Free Pale Ale

Can of Alcohol Free Pale Ale from Gweilo Hong Kong.

The beer actually looks very good. It doesn’t have the super light colour as many non-alcoholic pale ales have. Introduction Gweilo is actually a brand of craft beer from Hong Kong which I originally stumbled upon in Cambodia. Their first batches of beer were brewed at Kingdom Breweries in Phnom Penh. For a while, it … Read more

Hong Kong Beer Co – No Limits Pale Ale Review

Can of No Limits Pale Ale from Hong Kong Beer Co

Introduction As I mentioned in an earlier post, I really struggled to find non-alcoholic beers in Hong Kong before I found Craftissimo. It seems like my luck had turned a little bit because after that I visited HK Brewcraft. First I found the Hong Kong Beer Co No Limits Pale Ale on the warm shelf. … Read more

Big Drop Brewing – Pine Trail Pale Ale Review

A can of big drop brewing pine trail non alcoholic pale ale

Introduction I was pretty excited to find the Pine Trail Pale Ale in a grocery store in Hong Kong. It has been impossible to find it in any of the countries I’ve visited recently. Out of all places, I found it at a supermarket in Hong Kong which kind of baffled me. I grabbed a … Read more

Mikkeller – Limbo Yuzu Review

Can of Limbo Yuzu from Mikkeller

Kudos to Mikkeller for doing their best to make non-alcoholic beers good. Introduction The Limbo Yuzu is a non-alcoholic Pale Ale by Danish craft beer brewer Mikkeller. It’s a brewery that was founded in 2006 and originally operated as a gypsy brewer. Today their bars can be found all over the world including their craft … Read more

To Øl – Implosion Review

Can of To Øl - Implosion NA craft beer

It is without the complexity we were promised but it’s still a decent NA craft beer. Introduction It just says alcohol free beer on the can of To Øl – Implosion. It doesn’t really specify the style but we would definitely consider it a Pale Ale with its fresh fruity flavors. We will soon go … Read more