Svaneke Bryghus – Don’t Worry Pale Ale Review

Bottle of Don´t Worry Pale Ale from Svaneke Bryghus

I had no idea what to expect from the Svaneke Don’t Worry Pale Ale. Before trying it I hadn’t read anything about the beer and I only knew that it sounded like a Swedish brewery. I was actually wrong because this is a CO2-neutral Danish brewery. All their beers are also ecological so if that … Read more

Mikkeller – Limbo Yuzu Review

Can of Limbo Yuzu from Mikkeller

Kudos to Mikkeller for doing their best to make non-alcoholic beers good. Introduction The Limbo Yuzu is a non-alcoholic Pale Ale by Danish craft beer brewer Mikkeller. It’s a brewery that was founded in 2006 and originally operated as a gypsy brewer. Today their bars can be found all over the world including their craft … Read more

Mikkeller – Non Alc Wheat Ale Review

Can of Non Alc Wheat Ale from Mikkeller

Introduction The Mikkeller – Non Alc Wheat Ale is a part of their series Drink’in The Sun. They have released a few beers under this name before with the first version being released in 2009. Even if Mikkeller is a Danish craft beer brewer they have brewed this non-alcoholic beer in Belgium. It is an … Read more