Crisp – Vehnä Review

Can of Vehnä from Crisp Finland

The Crisp Vehnä is the second non-alcoholic wheat beer I’ve reviewed, after Mikkeller Drinkin’ The Sun. After Crisp Tumma Lager I did not have very high hopes for this beer. Luckily I was proven wrong because this beer is not bad at all. I drank it on a warm summer day and it was perfect … Read more

Mikkeller – Non Alc Wheat Ale Review

Can of Non Alc Wheat Ale from Mikkeller

Introduction The Mikkeller – Non Alc Wheat Ale is a part of their series Drink’in The Sun. They have released a few beers under this name before with the first version being released in 2009. Even if Mikkeller is a Danish craft beer brewer they have brewed this non-alcoholic beer in Belgium. It is an … Read more