Crisp – Vehnä Review

The Crisp Vehnä is the second non-alcoholic wheat beer I’ve reviewed, after Mikkeller Drinkin’ The Sun. After Crisp Tumma Lager I did not have very high hopes for this beer. Luckily I was proven wrong because this beer is not bad at all. I drank it on a warm summer day and it was perfect just for that. Crish is actually a brand from Finnish macro beverage company Sinebrychoff. It might not be craft beer but it was one of the early non-alcoholic beers in Finland, so I wanted to include it. Also, it is readily available in Finnish grocery stores.

Beer NameVehnä
Beer StyleNon-alcoholic Wheat Beer
Tasting NotesRefreshing,
Hops UsedN/A
Caloric Content30 kcal per 100 ml. 100 kcal per can.
Release Year2017
Our Rating34/50

Tasting Notes

The beer pours golden cloudy, a bit on the white side. It has a nice frothy head that stayed around for well over a minute. There is some banana on the aroma but it is quite weak.

The flavor reminds me of a fruit punch. It actually tastes like some sort of lemonade and banana fruit punch and it is not bad at all. It could be mistaken for a refreshing fruit drink but for me, it is undoubtedly still a beer. I definitely feel some coriander notes although none are added, unlike in many wheat beers. I do taste some vanilla notes as well and it does remind me of ice cream, a quite tasty ice cream that is.


The Crisp Vegnä has has 30 kcal per 100 ml. That means there is 100 kcal per can which is quite a lot for a non-alcoholic beer. I saw that there is maltose syrup added to the beer which is probably the reason for the high caloric content. It is still lower than alcoholic beer.

Crisp Vehnä is not gluten-free but we could not find any information if it is vegan or not.

Our Verdict of Crisp Vehnä

I enjoyed the Crisp Vehnä so much that I totally forgot I’m drinking a non-alcoholic beer. That is definitely a good thing but after a few sips, I recognized the light mouthfeel. However, it was not really disturbing in any way and I found this to be a very nice and refreshing alcohol free wheat beer. Keep in mind that it isn´t particularly low in calories. 

My alcohol free craft beer rating: 34/50


When was the Crisp Vehnä released?

It was released already in 2017

What kind of hops are used in this beer?

We don´t have any information what hops are used in Crisp Vehnä.

Is this Crisp Vehnä gluten-free or vegan?

We don´t know if it is vegan or not, but we know it´s not gluten-free.

What is the caloric content of Crisp Vehnä?

There are about 100 kcal in a can of Crisp Vehnä which is very high for a non-alcoholic craft beer.

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