Suomenlinnan Panimo – Ton IPA Review

The Ton IPA from Suomenlinnan Panimo (Sveaborgs Bryggeri in Swedish) had a little story that you can read on the back of the can. It basically says that the name is taken from the architecture of the Suomenlinna church – Konstantin Ton. The brewery is located in this church and it is actually the only church in the world that also acts as a lighthouse. Seems like a cool place to visit and you can go there while finding craft beers in Helsinki

BrewerySuomenlinnan Panimo/Sveaborgs Bryggeri
Beer NameTon IPA
Beer StyleNon-alcoholic IPA
Tasting NotesFruity
Hops UsedN/A
Caloric Content7 kcal per 100 ml. 23 per can.
Release Year2023
Our Rating44/50

Tasting Notes

The aroma of the Savonlinnan Panimo Ton IPA is incredible. It’s so smooth and fruity, unlike any of the other non alcoholic craft beers I’ve had. Some alcohol free beers smell like water with some grains, but the Ton IPA is straight-up fruit. Brilliant!

The mouthfeel is also impressive. It is thicker than most NA beers and considering I have had quite a few that should say something! The taste is like it would be inspired by British IPAs and really pleasant. But the mix of American hops – Centennial, Citra, and Chinook – could mean I’m off the mark. It’s curious, though, the can does mention the British Magnum hop so maybe that’s why it reminds me of British IPAs. Could it be that they used more Magnum than the American ‘C’ hops to get this unique taste?


People that are looking for low calorie beers with no alcohol this is a great choice. With only 7 kcal per 100 ml, or 23 kcal in a can, it is even more incredibly that Suomenlinnan Panimo has managed to make this beer so tasty. The Ton IPA is vegan but not gluten-free.

Our Verdict of Ton IPA

When I grabbed this non-alcoholic craft beer I genuinely thought it would be the worst of the bunch. Other beers I bought at the same time was a few beers from Lowtide Brewing like the Ohana and Forgot To Take My Pils. However, I was very wrong because this beer swept the rest of the beers under the rug. It is a very delicious non alcoholic IPA and it is one of those that you are not really sure if the beer has alcohol in it or not. I am still not entirely sure to be honest.

My alcohol free craft beer rating: 44/50


When was the Ton IPA from Suomenlinnan Panimo released?

This beer has been around since January 2023.

What kind of hops are used in this beer?

We could not get any information about which hops are used for this beer.

Is this Ton IPA gluten-free or vegan?

It is a vegan alcohol free beer but it does contain gluten.

What is the caloric content of the Ton IPA from Suomenlinnan Panimo?

There are only 23 calories in a can of Ton IPA which is very low.

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