Lowtide Brewing Co. – Forgot To Take My Pils Review

I found Forgot to Take My Pils at Pien Bottle Shop in Helsinki. I love the name although it actually took me a second can to figure out what the name meant. Im not sure how I did not realize it the first time but sometimes my brain just doesnt compute. However, I was very excited about trying this beer because a year earlier I had their beer Promises I Made Myself on draught at the same shop! That was a great beer but how does Forgot to Take My Pils stand up in comparison? Read this non-alcoholic craft beer review to find out!

BreweryLowtide Brewing Co.
Beer NameForgot To Take My Pils
Beer StyleNon-alcoholic Pilsner
Tasting NotesGrain, grassy.
Hops UsedSaaz, Perle, Mandarina Bavaria
Caloric Content50 kcal per can, 10 kcal per 100 ml
Release Year2021
Our Rating13/50

Tasting Notes

Forgot to Take My Pils pours nicely. The head sticks around and these days I am constantly reminded of how much better the head retention in non alcoholic beers are today compared to a year ago. The beer pours golden, maybe a bit on the darker side.

Im not really a big fan of the aroma of this beer. It smells grassy and quite bland, nothing like a normal beer. The taste is not really better and the carbonation is way too low. If the carbonation would be higher it would at least be more refreshing than what it is now. It does not taste like worth, like some non-alcoholic beers, but the aroma is basically that of wet grain. Its not exactly a nice drinking experience.


Back of a can of Forgot to Take My Pils from Lowtide Brewing.

Forgot To Take My Pils has a surprisingly high calorie content. I would have thought it would be a low-calorie beer because it was a Pilsner, but it has more calories than Ohana and West Coast Hop Lock, which are Pale Ales from the same brewery. There are 22 kcal in 100 ml which means there is 97 kcal in a large can (440ml). Its a beer suitable for vegans but it is not gluten-free.

Our Verdict of Forgot To Take My Pils

Even if I have been a bit harsch on Forgot To Take My Pils it is quite refreshing. It is not as complex as the New World Lager from Drop Bear Beer and its rather inoffensive. It would maybe be good on a day of barbequing but I paid €7.40 for it which is quite expensive for a non alcoholic lager. When it got a little bit warmer the flavour was not very pleasant but pilsners are not really famous for being delicious if they are not really cold.

Overall, I love the name of this beer. Forgot to take my Pils is a brilliant name but the label on the can is so-so. Some sort of giraffe mixed with a wind turbine and I dont know what it has to do with forgetting your pills. The design of their NEIPA the Cosmic Turtle is way better. All in all, I wouldnt pay €7.40 for this beer even again but if it was given to me at a party Ill drink it.

Our alcohol free craft beer rating: 13/50


When was the Forgot To Take My Pils released?

The Forgot To Take My Pils was released in 2021.

What kind of hops are used in this beer?

The hops used in this NA craft beer are Saaz, Perle, Mandarina Bavaria.

Is this Forgot To Take My Pils gluten-free or vegan?

It is vegan but not gluten-free.

What is the caloric content of the Forgot To Take My Pils?

The Forgot To Take My Pils contains 110 kcal per can or 22 kcal per 100 ml.

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