Pien Bottle Shop in Helsinki

Pien Bottle Shop caught my eye while browsing craft beer bars in Helsinki. This is actually more of a bottle shop than a bar and I’m especially interested in these concepts. I also hoped they would have a nice selection of non-alcoholic craft beers and I wasn’t totally wrong.

Pien was founded in 2016 and they say that they are the only real bottle shop in Helsinki. They have created something called the Pien Universe which is translated as something like “the small universe”.

In the middle of the city

The location of Pien is amazing, especially if you are traveling. It’s just a few minutes away from the railway station which is considered pretty much the center point of the city. It’s on Ateneuminkuja 2 but you can easily just check it on Google Maps.

The bar at Pien Bottle Shop

Pien has got a great bottle shop vibe but a couple of tables for sitting and a few more for standing. The bar is at the far end of the room where they are serving 8 different craft beers on tap. They even had non-alcoholic draught beer which really impressed me. The one I had was called Lowtide – Promised I Made Myself. It’s a brilliant west-coast-inspired non-alcoholic IPA’s. 

Pien Bottle Shop has one of the best craft beer selections in Helsinki

The draught beer is nice but the bottles and cans are the most impressive thing here. I can’t say how many craft beer fridges they have, but we’re talking hundreds. My guesstimate would be 400+ different beers in sight but they also have a cellar with more unique beers like aged stouts and lambics.

I also found the cans and bottles being very reasonably priced. Most were 4-6€ and they even had discounts on some. If you want to drink them at the bar you just add 1€. That means you in general pay 5-7€ to drink a beer on the premises. Other bars in Helsinki selling macro beers have similar prices and considering Pien only sells craft beer I think the prices are great.

You can really see that the owners here are passionate about what they are doing. It feels genuine and I always appreciate that in a craft beer place.

Another cool feat with Pien Bottle Shop is that they also have their own beers. That’s in a separate fridge next to the bar. These beers are sold under the name Pien Brewing. Erkki Häme who is one of the founders of Pien is the main guy in the brewing process. They are really into barrel-aging so if you are looking for some mighty Finnish stouts this could be a good place to start.

Here are some of the best beers from Pien Brewing:

  • Puma Pride Double IPA
  • Double Trillhouse Hazy IPA
  • Milpol Imerial Hazy IPA
  • Love Tester Session IPA
  • Yoink! IPA

One fridge filled with non-alcoholic craft beers

Fridge of non-alcoholic craft beer in Pien

Pien is a great bar and an even better bottle shop

We got a bit carried away with the alcoholic options at the Pien bottle shop. We’re probably just a little jealous of the amazing selection they have.

Luckily, there is also a fridge with non-alcoholic craft beers. It’s not an amazing selection but still has about 30-40 different varieties. Some of these are non-alcoholic ciders so the actual beers are a bit more than half of that. This means you still have a decent selection of NA IPAs, Pale Ales, and Stouts. I couldn’t find a non-alcoholic sour but I assume the selection is rotating quite often.

Point Five non-alcoholic Hazy IPA from Funky Fluid.
Point Five non-alcoholic Hazy IPA from Funky Fluid.

If you want to buy non-alcoholic craft beers online in Finland they also have their own Pien webshop. It’s neatly organized in different beer styles. They also have a lovely Instagram presence that we recommend you to check out.

Pien is a great bar and an even better bottle shop. It’s definitely one of the best craft beer bars in Helsinki and a place you need to check out.

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