Lowtide Brewing Co. – NEIPA the Cosmic Turtle

A can of NEIPA the cosmic turtle from Lowtide Brewing.

I´m going to start this review by saying that NEIPA the Cosmic Turtle has a way better design than I Forgot To Take My Pils, from the same brewery. I really enjoyed the turtle and the somewhat spacy Asian background. According to Alcohol Change, the artwork is created by an artist called John Miles. I … Read more

Lowtide Brewing Co. – Ohana Review

Can of Ohana from Lowtide Brewing Company

The Ohana double dry hopped pale ale is a collaboration between Lowtide Brewing Company and Exale Brewing. Exale Brewing is a brewery from East London that, according to themselves brew wild, weird & wonderful multi-award-winning brews made in Walthamstow! You can buy their beers in their webshop but if you are looking to buy only non-alcoholic … Read more

Lowtide Brewing Co. – Forgot To Take My Pils Review

Can of Forgot to Take My Pils from Lowtide Brewing.

I found Forgot to Take My Pils at Pien Bottle Shop in Helsinki. I love the name although it actually took me a second can to figure out what the name meant. I‘m not sure how I did not realize it the first time but sometimes my brain just doesn‘t compute. However, I was very … Read more

Lowtide Brewing Co. – West Coast Hop Lock Review

A can of West Coast Hope Lock from Lowtide Brewing Co

West Coast Hop Lock was the fourth beer I‘ve had from Lowtide Brewing Co. I think it was also the first non alcoholic West Coast Pale Ale I‘ve had. I bought it from Pien, the bottle shop in Helsinki that I have previously written about. This beer was a very interesting one so continue reading … Read more

Big Drop Brewing Poolside DDH IPA Review

Can of Poolside DDH IPA from Big Drop Brewing

The Poolside DDH IPA is the third beer I have tried from Big Drop Brewing. The previous ones have been quite good but as you will read in this beer review, this one blew me out of the water. The IBU of the Poolside DDH IPA is 62 and the hops used are Azacca, Chinook, … Read more

Big Drop Beer – Paradiso Citra IPA

Can of Paradiso Citra IPA from Big Drop Beer

Introduction I don’t know why quite a few non alcoholic craft beers have been exploding on me lately. That actually happened with two beers from Big Drop Brewing. It happened with the Pine Trail Pale Ale and now it happened with the Paradiso Citra IPA. It ended with me having beer all over the carpet. … Read more

Big Drop Brewing – Pine Trail Pale Ale Review

A can of big drop brewing pine trail non alcoholic pale ale

Introduction I was pretty excited to find the Pine Trail Pale Ale in a grocery store in Hong Kong. It has been impossible to find it in any of the countries I’ve visited recently. Out of all places, I found it at a supermarket in Hong Kong which kind of baffled me. I grabbed a … Read more

Lowtide – Promises I Made Myself Review

Promises I Made Myself beer from Lowtide Brewing Company

Introduction Promises I Made Myself from Lowtide was a beer I found at the Pien Bottle Shop in Helsinki. It was actually not one of their cans or bottles, they actually had this non-alcoholic craft beer on tap. I was pretty impressed with that and you should definitely check out my Pien Review. I also … Read more