Drop Bear Beer – New World Lager Review

A can of New World Lager from Drop Bear Beer Company.

This review is about the New World Lager from Drop Bear Beer, a non-alcoholic brewery from Wales. It’s a very random comment, but I like the green colour on the can of this beer. It looks very refreshing and especially when I drank it during the summer it was very appealing. Maybe it was just … Read more

Lowtide Brewing Co. – Forgot To Take My Pils Review

Can of Forgot to Take My Pils from Lowtide Brewing.

I found Forgot to Take My Pils at Pien Bottle Shop in Helsinki. I love the name although it actually took me a second can to figure out what the name meant. I‘m not sure how I did not realize it the first time but sometimes my brain just doesn‘t compute. However, I was very … Read more

Nittenauer Brauhaus – Freie Liebe Review

Bottle of Freie Liebe from Nittenauer Brauhaus

Introduction The Nittenauer Freie Liebe is a non-alcoholic craft beer from Germany. The brewery is from the German city of Nittenauer which I had never heard of before trying this beer.  The brewery is actually called Nittenauer Brauhaus and there is very little information about them in English. It seems like they have been around … Read more

Brooklyn Breweries – Special Effects Hoppy Lager Review

Bottle of Special Effects Hoppy Lager from Brooklyn Breweries

It really hits you directly when you pour it – and the smell is beautiful. It looks like an amber ale and drinks like an IPA The Special Effects Hoppy Lager is from Brooklyn Brewery, a craft beer brewery from New York. Founded in 1987, they are one of the most famous craft beer breweries … Read more

Ukko Pekka & Pistonhead Flat Tire Review

Piston Head Flat Tire and Ukko Pekka Cans

Introduction I really couldn’t bother to write a review each for these beers- Pistonhead Flat Tire and Ukko Pekka. The whole ordeal was actually Ukko Pekkos’s fault. The Flat Tire was drinkable but the first one really got me in a bad mood. Anyways, I wrote some tasting notes for it but I’m skipping the … Read more

Pyynikin Brewing Company – Mosaic Zero

Pyyniking Brewing Company Mosaic Zero Can

If you want to order alcohol free beer in Finland you should ask for alkoholiton olut. Introduction The Mosaic Zero is a non alcoholic craft beer from Finland. It is brewed by Pyynikin Brewing Company, a brewery from the city of Tampere and it was founded in 2012. They also produce craft beer in Estonia … Read more

More Brewing – NA Lager

More Brewing Lager in a Can

Alcohol free beer is called alkoholiton olut in the Finnish language. Introduction More Brewing is actually a brand from the Finnish macro brewer Hartwall. It´s a brand that focuses only on making non alcoholic craft beer. Unfortunately, this is the only beer they´ve made so far. It is brewed as a contract brew in Denmark. … Read more