Pyynikin Brewing Company – Mosaic Zero

  • Name: Mosaic Zero
  • Brewery: Pyynikin Brewing Company
  • Style: Non Alcoholic Lager
  • ABV: 0.2%
  • IBU: 16
  • Packaging: Can
  • Released: 2021
  • Rating: 27/50

If you want to order alcohol free beer in Finland you should ask for alkoholiton olut.


The Mosaic Zero is a non alcoholic craft beer from Finland. It is brewed by Pyynikin Brewing Company, a brewery from the city of Tampere and it was founded in 2012. They also produce craft beer in Estonia since 2021 when they bought the country´s 3rd biggest brewery Haljala Brewery.

Pyyniking Brewing Company does not make any other non-alcoholic beers apart from this. However, they do have the following low-alcohol craft beers that are at about 3.5%.

  • Mango Watermelon Milkshake Sessio IPA
  • Cloudberry Saison Belgian Wheat
  • Rød Berliner Raspberry Wheat

Tasting Notes

I expected the Mosaic Zero to be somewhat of a hoppy lager but there wasn’t much nose to it at all. Some citrusy mosaic notes but not much to write home about. It´s got a decent head but on the lighter side.

The body of the beer is very watery. I had kind of thought it would just taste like a non alcoholic malt beverage, which it is, but like a macro lager with alcohol removed. That’s just the initial taste, after that the hops shine through. If I would consider it a pleasant taste, I’m not sure. But it surely lingers in your mouth.

There’s some bitterness to it as well. It doesn’t really take my mind to a lager beer though. It’s surprisingly complex for a lager and although I’m enjoying the different tastes that appear at different times, I’m not sure if I would consider it well-executed.

Eventually, the beer grew on me. It was nice to drink it while watching tv and sometimes i didn’t even think about it being a nonalcoholic craft beer. It is not as good as the More Brewing Lager, but still alright. It is also readily available in Finland at many supermarkets and at a cheaper price than most other alcohol free craft beers.

Medium carbonation that makes the body feel a bit thicker. Some sweetness to it as well.

Mosaic Zero Calories and Nutrition

A can of Mosaic Lager Zero has 69 kcal which means there is about 21 kcal per 100 ml. There seem to be no adjuncts but we found out that the malts used are Pilsner and Munich Malts.

Mosaic Zero Rating

This Finnish non-alcoholic craft beer is drinkable but it´s not a very good beer. It kind of worked while watching TV and having a few sips but not sure if I would order it at an alcohol free bar. It´s a bit all over the place while still not being too interesting. It is quite affordable though compared to other Finnish NA craft beers to if you just wanna kick back a few beers watching TV it´s not a terrible choice. It´s also a very low alcohol beer at only 0.2% which is lower than most NA craft beers.

Our Alcohol Free Craft Beer Rating – 27/5.0


What is the ABV of Mosaic Zero?

This Mosaic Zero has an ABV of 0.2%.

How many calories in Mosaic Zero?

The calories are about 69 kcal per can.

Is Mosaic Zero vegan?

It seems like it is not vegan.

Is Crisp Mosaic Zero gluten-free?

It is not a gluten-free lager.

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