More Brewing – NA Lager

  • Name: Lager
  • Brewery: More Brewing
  • Style: Non Alcoholic Lager
  • ABV: 0.0%
  • IBU: 27
  • Packaging: Can
  • Released: 2021
  • Rating: 38/50

Alcohol free beer is called alkoholiton olut in the Finnish language.


More Brewing is actually a brand from the Finnish macro brewer Hartwall. It´s a brand that focuses only on making non alcoholic craft beer. Unfortunately, this is the only beer they´ve made so far. It is brewed as a contract brew in Denmark.

The idea behind the brewery is to make the best non alcoholic beer in Finland. Well, we would say that´s the goal of every brewery – so how did they manage with their NA lager?

Tasting Notes

I had the More Brewing lager one cold autumn evening. In a typical Finnish way, it was sauna time and I felt like having a cold one.

I really did not expect much when I grabbed this beer and headed for the sauna. I opened I was instantly surprised at how much I tasted like a normal strength beer. Very quickly I realized that this was the first good non-alcoholic lager I had ever tasted.

The carbonation, the crispness, the balance of hops and malts – it all came together. It´s even better than the Pyynikin Mosaic Zero, that I kind of liked.

Most of the NA lagers I´ve had tasted something like the sweet non-alcoholic malt drinks I had in Nigeria. This is different, this actually tastes like a lager!

I thought that maybe it is just because the beer is ice cold. I expected the beer to turn crap after warming up a bit in the hot sauna (80C or 176F). Surprisingly enough it continued to stay very drinkable throughout my whole sauna-stay. 

More Brewing isn´t the most exquisite drinking experience but it really does its job really well. It´s perfect for a warm summer afternoon around the grill and on a cold winter night in the sauna. Crisp and refreshing.

More Brewing Lager Calories and Nutrition

More Brewing Lager has only 15 kcal per 100 ml. That´s less than 50 kcal per can which makes means that this is one of the craft beers with the lowest calories on our list. The ABV is 0.0% so it doesn´t even contain a little bit of alcohol. The IBU is supposedly 27 but we are not really convinced of that.

More Brewing Lager has gone through a de-alcoholization process. That means the de-alcoholization takes place after the beer has already been brewed. The beer has malted barley, yeast, hops, and natural aromatics, whatever that is.

More Brewing Lager Rating

The More Brewing Lager surprised us in more ways than one. Firstly, it tastes like beer and it tastes good for a non-alcoholic lager. Secondly, it does this while having absolutely 0 percent alcohol. We thought it would at least be a low-alcohol beer because of the fullness of the beer but no, there´s no alcohol at all.

We´re not really sure if we can call it an NA craft beer because it´s brewed by a macro brewer, but we can definitely say we´d be pleasantly surprised if we got this at an alcohol free bar. It kind of fits better to knock it back at home though, but that´s up to you.

Our Alcohol Free Craft Beer Rating – 38/50

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Does More Brewing Lager contain any alcohol?

The More Brewing Lager has no alcohol at all.

How many calories in More Brewing Lager?

The calories in this Oat Ale is about 15 kcal per can.

Is More Brewing Lager vegan?

We don´t have any information if the More Brewing Lager is vegan or not.

Is More Brewing Lager gluten-free?

More Brewing Lager is not gluten-free.

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