Crisp – Tumma Lager Review

  • Name: Tumma Lager
  • Brewery: Crisp
  • Style: Non Alcoholic Dark Lager
  • ABV: 0%
  • IBU: 18
  • Packaging: Can
  • Released: 2017
  • Rating: 4/50


Tumma Lager means dark lager in Finnish. Alkoholiton olut means alcohol free beer. Anyways, let´s get started!

Initially, I wasn´t really keen in including the Crisp beers in this guide. The reason I ended up doing it was that I was stuck in the Finnish countryside. There were no proper non alcoholic craft beers and this was one of the only options avalaible. Decent enough reason to try it.

The Crisp – Tumma Lager is from the Finnish macro brewer Sinebrychoff that was founded in 1819, almost 100 years before the Finnish independence. That means that it´s readily available and will be found in most grocery stores in Finland. It´s also a relatively cheap alcohol free beer at about €1.5. If you´re interested in more of Crisp´s beers we also did a review of the Crisp – IPA.

Tasting Notes

When pouring I could directly see that it was struggling to create head. Eventually I got the head that can be seen in the picture but it disappeared right after I took my first sip. It looked pretty sad after that.

The drinking experience wasn´t much better. Sweet malty aroma and that´s the case with the taste as well. I would have liked some more notes of the roasted malts but there were none to be found. It has a very metallic flavor ontop of the sweetness. It kind of tastes like a below-average macro lager. I much preferred the More Brewing Lager that I´ve previously written about.

The sweetness just became more apparent the longer I drank it. They have also listed sugar as an ingredient, so they must have added sugar after brewing. That´s not at all necessary and they could have made a non-alcoholic dark lager perfectly well without that addition.

They´ve cheaped out on this one but I guess that´s what many macro breweries do. Plain old marketing trick with putting the word dark before lager and it will probably work for a while. I don´t see this beer being in the shelves for too long though unless they improve the flavour.

I later researched when it was released and it has been on the shelves since 2017. It´s incredible that they have kept this beer in their portfolio for over 5 years.

Crisp Tumma Lager Calories and Nutrition

This Finnish non-alcoholic beer has a nice 0.0% but with 59 kcal per can, we´re a bit confused. We guess it´s the added sugars that add to the calorie content. It´s not a lot extra but as it actually made the beer worse than it already was, it feels totally unnecessary.

Crisp Tumma Lager Rating

Unnecessary sweetness, watery, and just all in all a silly attempt at a non alcoholic beer. There isn´t really anything good about this beer apart from maybe that the ABV is 0.0% if you prefer totally alcohol free beers. It´s one of the first beers on this journey I actually struggled to drink.

If we´d order this in an alcohol free bar we´d be really upset about what a crappy beer it is.

Our Alcohol Free Craft Beer Rating – 4/50

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What is the ABV of Crisp Tumma Lager?

This Oat Ale has an ABV of 0.0%.

How many calories in Crisp Tumma Lager?

The calories in this Oat Ale is about 59 kcal per can.

Is Crisp Tumma Lager vegan?

It seems like the Tumma Lager is not vegan.

Is Crisp Tumma Lager gluten-free?

Tumma Lager is not gluten-free.

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