Crisp – Vehnä Review

Can of Vehnä from Crisp Finland

The Crisp Vehnä is the second non-alcoholic wheat beer I’ve reviewed, after Mikkeller Drinkin’ The Sun. After Crisp Tumma Lager I did not have very high hopes for this beer. Luckily I was proven wrong because this beer is not bad at all. I drank it on a warm summer day and it was perfect … Read more

Suomenlinnan Panimo – Ton IPA Review

Can of Suomenlinnan Panimo Ton IPA

The Ton IPA from Suomenlinnan Panimo (Sveaborgs Bryggeri in Swedish) had a little story that you can read on the back of the can. It basically says that the name is taken from the architecture of the Suomenlinna church – Konstantin Ton. The brewery is located in this church and it is actually the only … Read more

More Brewing – Hazy IPA Review

Can of Hazy IPA from More Brewing

…if they make non-alcoholic craft beers this good, we don’t care. Introduction Before reviewing the More Brewing Hazy IPA we reviewed the lager from the same brewery. We were really impressed by the More Brewing Lager and we gave it a good rating. After seeing they also have a Hazy IPA we were really happy. … Read more

Stallhagen – Styrman IPA Review

Bottle of Stallhagen Styrman IPA

We’ve tasted so many non alcoholic craft beers that just lacks the nose. This beer doesn’t. Introduction In this article, we are reviewing the Stallhagen Styrman IPA. Stallhagen is a brewery from the Åland Islands. Åland is an autonomous archipelago that belongs to Finland. You would believe that means they say alkoholiton olut for alcohol-free … Read more

Laitilan Kukko – Alkoholiton IPA Review

Can of Alkoholiton IPA from Laitilan Kukko

I usually complain about watery non-alcoholic craft beers but this is definitely not one of them. Introduction I was reading the popular Finnish beer blog Olutkellari when I stumbled upon this non-alcoholic IPA. I decided to review both beers the Bier Baron reviewed, which is this Alkoholiton IPA and the Alkoholiton Pils from the same … Read more

Laitilan Kukko – Alkoholiton Pils Review

Can of Alkoholiton Pils from Laitilan Kukko

I got pretty overwhelmed with my first taste. Introduction I got the idea of reviewing this alcohol-free Pilsner by reading the popular Finnish beer blog Olutkellari. There the Bier Baron was praising the Alkoholiton Pils and the Kukko IPA 0.3% which we have also reviewed. This non-alcoholic Pilsner is brewed by Finnish brewery Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas. … Read more

Malmgårdin Panimo – Oat Ale Review

Can of Oat Ale from Malmgårdin Panimo

Introduction This time I’m reviewing an Oat Ale from the Finnish brewery Malmgårdin Panimo. It is one of the oldest craft breweries in Finland, founded in 2009. The brewery is located in the Malmgård Estate (Malmgårding kartano) about an hour outside of Helsinki. This brewery, also called Malmgård Brewery, brewed one of the first Finnish … Read more

Pyynikin Brewing Company – Mosaic Zero

Pyyniking Brewing Company Mosaic Zero Can

If you want to order alcohol free beer in Finland you should ask for alkoholiton olut. Introduction The Mosaic Zero is a non alcoholic craft beer from Finland. It is brewed by Pyynikin Brewing Company, a brewery from the city of Tampere and it was founded in 2012. They also produce craft beer in Estonia … Read more

More Brewing – NA Lager

More Brewing Lager in a Can

Alcohol free beer is called alkoholiton olut in the Finnish language. Introduction More Brewing is actually a brand from the Finnish macro brewer Hartwall. It´s a brand that focuses only on making non alcoholic craft beer. Unfortunately, this is the only beer they´ve made so far. It is brewed as a contract brew in Denmark. … Read more

Crisp – Tumma Lager Review

Crisp Tumma Lager Can

Introduction Tumma Lager means dark lager in Finnish. Alkoholiton olut means alcohol free beer. Anyways, let´s get started! Initially, I wasn´t really keen in including the Crisp beers in this guide. The reason I ended up doing it was that I was stuck in the Finnish countryside. There were no proper non alcoholic craft beers … Read more