Suomenlinnan Panimo – Ton IPA Review

Can of Suomenlinnan Panimo Ton IPA

The Ton IPA from Suomenlinnan Panimo (Sveaborgs Bryggeri in Swedish) had a little story that you can read on the back of the can. It basically says that the name is taken from the architecture of the Suomenlinna church – Konstantin Ton. The brewery is located in this church and it is actually the only … Read more

Big Drop Brewing Poolside DDH IPA Review

Can of Poolside DDH IPA from Big Drop Brewing

The Poolside DDH IPA is the third beer I have tried from Big Drop Brewing. The previous ones have been quite good but as you will read in this beer review, this one blew me out of the water. The IBU of the Poolside DDH IPA is 62 and the hops used are Azacca, Chinook, … Read more

Big Drop Beer – Paradiso Citra IPA

Can of Paradiso Citra IPA from Big Drop Beer

Introduction I don’t know why quite a few non alcoholic craft beers have been exploding on me lately. That actually happened with two beers from Big Drop Brewing. It happened with the Pine Trail Pale Ale and now it happened with the Paradiso Citra IPA. It ended with me having beer all over the carpet. … Read more

Drop Bear Beer Co – Tropical IPA

Can of Tropical IPA from Drop Bear Beer Co

Introduction If you read my review of Drop Bear Beer’s Bonfire Stout, you might remember the story where I had bought the Tropical IPA from the same brewery. Unfortunately, my brother drank it while I was outside and I didn’t manage to get my hands on it again. To my surprise, I managed to find … Read more

Brooklyn Brewery – Special Effects IPA Review

Bottle of Special Effects IPA from Brooklyn Brewery

The mouthfeel might be a bit too thin. Flavorwise it still tastes like a beer though. Brooklyn Brewery probably does not need much of an introduction. It’s one of the most famous craft beer breweries in the world. You can find their beers in pretty much every nook and cranny of our planet. Brooklyn Brewery … Read more

Lowtide – Promises I Made Myself Review

Promises I Made Myself beer from Lowtide Brewing Company

Introduction Promises I Made Myself from Lowtide was a beer I found at the Pien Bottle Shop in Helsinki. It was actually not one of their cans or bottles, they actually had this non-alcoholic craft beer on tap. I was pretty impressed with that and you should definitely check out my Pien Review. I also … Read more

Brewdog Punk AF IPA Review

Brewdog Punk AF IPA

Introduction The Brewdog Punk AF alcohol free IPA is a remake of their old classic – the Punk IPA. Their slogan is “The Beer That Started It All”. The slogan actually holds true in Europe. Not only did it skyrocket Brewdog to fame but it was also one of the pioneering beers in the European … Read more

Stallhagen – Styrman IPA Review

Bottle of Stallhagen Styrman IPA

We’ve tasted so many non alcoholic craft beers that just lacks the nose. This beer doesn’t. Introduction In this article, we are reviewing the Stallhagen Styrman IPA. Stallhagen is a brewery from the Åland Islands. Åland is an autonomous archipelago that belongs to Finland. You would believe that means they say alkoholiton olut for alcohol-free … Read more

Laitilan Kukko – Alkoholiton IPA Review

Can of Alkoholiton IPA from Laitilan Kukko

I usually complain about watery non-alcoholic craft beers but this is definitely not one of them. Introduction I was reading the popular Finnish beer blog Olutkellari when I stumbled upon this non-alcoholic IPA. I decided to review both beers the Bier Baron reviewed, which is this Alkoholiton IPA and the Alkoholiton Pils from the same … Read more

Põhjala – Virmalised 0 IPA Review

Virmalised 0 Can

Let´s start this review by saying that alcohol free beer in Estonian is alkoholiton or alkoholivaba olut. Introduction Virmalised means northern lights. As you guessed, this non alcohol craft beer is from Estonia. The Virmalised 0 is a non-alcoholic version of their flagship IPA Virmalised. Põhjala Brewery is a brewery I´ve had many beers from … Read more