Lowtide Brewing Co. – NEIPA the Cosmic Turtle

A can of NEIPA the cosmic turtle from Lowtide Brewing.

I´m going to start this review by saying that NEIPA the Cosmic Turtle has a way better design than I Forgot To Take My Pils, from the same brewery. I really enjoyed the turtle and the somewhat spacy Asian background. According to Alcohol Change, the artwork is created by an artist called John Miles. I … Read more

Lowtide Brewing Co. – Ohana Review

Can of Ohana from Lowtide Brewing Company

The Ohana double dry hopped pale ale is a collaboration between Lowtide Brewing Company and Exale Brewing. Exale Brewing is a brewery from East London that, according to themselves brew wild, weird & wonderful multi-award-winning brews made in Walthamstow! You can buy their beers in their webshop but if you are looking to buy only non-alcoholic … Read more

Lowtide Brewing Co. – Forgot To Take My Pils Review

Can of Forgot to Take My Pils from Lowtide Brewing.

I found Forgot to Take My Pils at Pien Bottle Shop in Helsinki. I love the name although it actually took me a second can to figure out what the name meant. I‘m not sure how I did not realize it the first time but sometimes my brain just doesn‘t compute. However, I was very … Read more

Lowtide Brewing Co. – West Coast Hop Lock Review

A can of West Coast Hope Lock from Lowtide Brewing Co

West Coast Hop Lock was the fourth beer I‘ve had from Lowtide Brewing Co. I think it was also the first non alcoholic West Coast Pale Ale I‘ve had. I bought it from Pien, the bottle shop in Helsinki that I have previously written about. This beer was a very interesting one so continue reading … Read more

Lowtide – Promises I Made Myself Review

Promises I Made Myself beer from Lowtide Brewing Company

Introduction Promises I Made Myself from Lowtide was a beer I found at the Pien Bottle Shop in Helsinki. It was actually not one of their cans or bottles, they actually had this non-alcoholic craft beer on tap. I was pretty impressed with that and you should definitely check out my Pien Review. I also … Read more