Big Drop Brewing – Pine Trail Pale Ale Review

  • Name: Pine Trail Pale Ale
  • Brewery: Big Drop Brewing
  • Style: Pale Ale
  • ABV: 0.5%
  • IBU: 42
  • Packaging: Can
  • Released: 2020
  • Rating: 34/50


I was pretty excited to find the Pine Trail Pale Ale in a grocery store in Hong Kong. It has been impossible to find it in any of the countries I’ve visited recently. Out of all places, I found it at a supermarket in Hong Kong which kind of baffled me. I grabbed a can for 30 HKD which is just under 4 USD.

Funnily enough, the can exploded on me when I opened it. I don’t think there was any wrong with the quality of the beer. I think it just might have gotten shaken earlier when I brought it from the store. I still let it rest for quite a few hours – but yeah, I ended up with half a beer!

Big Drop is a brewery that only makes non-alcoholic craft beer. They were founded in 2016 in Ipswich, England. Today some of their beers are also brewed in USA and Australia.

Tasting Notes

The Pine Trail Pale Ale pours very clear golden. The head retention is decent and stayed on for quite a bit even if there never was very much of it.

The aroma is tropical with some grassy notes. I was pleasantly surprised with the body and mouthfeel. They have actually managed to get a medium body that most other brewers of NA craft beers fail to get. The secret behind this is probably the added lactose. Despite the lactose, there is not much sweetness to the beer. I think the carbonation is spot on as well.

This non-alcoholic beer is brewed with Mosaic, Magnum and Amarillo hops.

Big Drop Brewing – Pine Trail Pale Ale Calories and Nutrition

There are 61 calories in a can of Pine Trail Pale Ale. That means there are about 18.5 calories per 100 ml. It is a gluten-free beer but it is not vegan friendly because of the lactose that is used in the brewing process.

Big Drop Brewing – Pine Trail Pale Ale Rating

The Pine Trail Pale Ale from Big Drop Brewing was a beer I had been wanting to try for a while. I was very surprised when I found it and Paradiso Citra IPA in Hong Kong. It was also the first non-alcoholic beer I’ve had in a while because it’s not always easy to find the good stuff.

Did I enjoy drinking it? Yes, absolutely! The flavour is nice and the mouthfeel is just right. Some drinkers have complained about wortiness but I did not taste that at all, and there was no apparent sweetness to the beer either.

There was still a flavour that was a bit weird that I can’t put my finger on. Kind of when you eat the wrong sort of vegetable that you don’t really like and get surprised. It might as well be the lactose that is cutting through and it is definitely not a deal-breaker. 

Apart from that, I think it’s a very nicely brewed NA craft beer. Awesome hoppy and citrusy flavours and I will definitely drink it again.

Our Alcohol Free Craft Beer Rating – 34/50

We have also reviewed the Paradiso Citra IPA and the Poolside DDH IPA from the same brewery. Especially the latter is a very impressive NA beer.


What is the ABV of Big Drop Brewing – Pine Trail Pale Ale?

It has an ABV of 0.5% which is within the limits for the beer to be classified as a non-alcoholic beer. Anything more than that and it would not be considered alcohol free.

How many calories in Big Drop Brewing – Pine Trail Pale Ale?

In a 330 ml can (12 oz) there are 61 calories. This means there are 18.5 calories per 100 ml.

Is Big Drop – Pine Trail Pale Ale vegan?

This beer contains lactose which means it is not vegan friendly.

Is Big Drop Brewing – Pine Trail Pale Ale gluten-free?

Yes, it says in big letters on the can that this beer is a gluten free non-alcoholic beer.

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