Cervisiam Alcohol Free Ales – Passion Icon Review

I had the Passion Icon non-alcoholic Berliner Weisse while I was staying at my friend’s place. The beer was bought in Finland and kept it in my friend’s fridge and it got hijacked by my friend’s mother. I managed to salvage a bit of the beer so I could write this review.

My friend’s mother said the beer was weird and sweet so she contributed a bit to this review. However, she had never had a non-alcoholic Berliner Weisse before. My friend, on the other hand, said it tasted like a combination of mead and Fanta. I don’t totally disagree with the Fanta, but I still enjoyed the beer!

Interesting fact, this beer is brewed by an offshoot project of Norwegian brewery Cervisiam. The project is called Cervisiam Alcohol Free Ales and they only have two beers. It is this and an IPA called Designated Driver that was released in 2019.

BreweryCervisiam Alcohol Free Ales
Beer NamePassion Icon
Beer StyleNon-alcoholic Berliner Weisse
Tasting NotesOrange, Fanta, Tart
Hops UsedN/A
Caloric Content24 kcal per 100 ml. 80 kcal in a 330 ml can.
Release Year2020
Our Rating38/50

Tasting Notes

Pours yellow and a bit cloudy. No head to speak of.

The aroma is quite yeasty and there is some tartness to it. Highly carbonated and tart in flavour. I like the mouthfeel too as it is quite full and juicy.

The wheat can definitely be tasted and there are some orange notes to it. There are obvious passion fruit notes and some lime notes and overall I quite liked this beer. Because of my friend’s mother, I had low hopes but I wouldn’t mind drinking this beer again.


Back of a can of Cerevisam Passion Icon Berliner Weisse

There 24 kcal per 100 ml and 80 kcal in a 330 ml can of the Passion Icon. It is most likely not gluten-free but I could not find any information if it is vegan or not.

Our Verdict of Passion Icon

The Passion Icon is the first non-alcoholic beer I’ve ever had. I’m also a big fan of passion fruit so I can’t really go wrong with this one. Despite my being biased, I’m going to give this a good score of 38 out of 50.

Other non-alcoholic fruit beers I have reviewed would be the Vandestreek Fruit Machine.

My alcohol free craft beer rating: 38/50


When was the Passion Icon from Cervisiam Alcohol Free Ales released?

It was released in 2020.

What kind of hops are used in this beer?

I could not find any information regarding which hops are used in the Passion Icon.

Is this Passion Icon gluten-free or vegan?

I could not find any information if this beer is gluten-free or vegan. I think it is a vegan beer but it is probably not gluten-free.

What is the caloric content of the Passion Icon from Cervisiam?

It has 24 kcal per 100 ml. I drank it in a 330 ml can which had 80 kcal in it. It is not really a low calorie beer, but it still has about half the calories that an alcoholic counterpart would have.

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