Exploring the Exclusive World of Go Brewing’s Beer Club – Review

The craft beer scene is constantly evolving, with enthusiasts always on the lookout for new and exciting brews. Enter Go Brewing, a brewery that’s shaking things up with its unique beer club, offering a range of memberships tailored to suit every beer lover’s needs. We took a closer look at how Go Brewing’s beer club operates, and here’s what we found.

Membership Perks: Quite a Few Good Benefits

Go Brewing’s beer club isn’t just about getting your hands on some great beer; it’s a holistic experience. Members enjoy a variety of perks, including:

  • Surprise Gear: In a delightful gesture of appreciation, Go Brewing sends special gifts to its members periodically.
  • First Access: Members get the exclusive opportunity to taste new beers before they hit the market.
  • Free Shipping: A significant advantage for members is free shipping on all orders, making it even more convenient to enjoy Go Brewing’s products.
  • Flexible Selections: Each month, members receive an email allowing them to customize their beer lineup. This flexibility ensures that members are always satisfied with their selections.
  • No Minimum Monthly Commitment: Go Brewing emphasizes flexibility, allowing members to skip a month, pause, or cancel their membership anytime without any hassle.

Go Brewing Beer Club

Membership Tiers: Something for Everyone

Go Brewing offers three distinct membership tiers, each with its own set of benefits:

  1. Enthusiast: Ideal for those just diving into the world of craft beer, the Enthusiast membership allows members to mix two 6-packs monthly. Priced at $26.70, down from $37.97, members save 30% and enjoy free shipping, first access to new beers, and a 10% discount on the brewery’s portal.
  2. Believer: Stepping up, the Believer membership offers three 6-packs monthly for $36.99, reduced from $56.97. This tier saves members 35% and includes the same benefits as the Enthusiast level.
  3. VIP: The ultimate experience for beer aficionados, the VIP membership includes four 6-packs monthly for $45.50, down from $73.86. VIP members save 38%, receive free 2-day shipping, first access to new beers, exclusive access to the beer vault, and a 10% store discount.

Go Brewing Beer Club Unique Features: The Beer Vault and Expedited Shipping

Membership Level Savings Original Price Discounted Price Monthly Packs Shipping First Access to New Beers Store Discount Beer Vault Access
Enthusiast 30% $37.97 $26.70 Mix two 6-packs Free Shipping Yes 10% No
Believer 35% $56.97 $36.99 Mix three 6-packs Free Shipping Yes 10% No
VIP 38% $73.86 $45.50 Mix four 6-packs Free 2-Day Shipping Yes 10% Yes

What sets Go Brewing’s club apart are its unique features like the “Vault” for VIP members. This exclusive corner of the brewery houses a special selection of beers, ensuring VIPs never run out of their favorites. Additionally, the introduction of 2-Day Shipping for Believers and VIPs, in partnership with FedEx, underscores Go Brewing’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Savings and Free Shipping

Go Brewing’s approach to savings is noteworthy. They absorb the shipping costs, a significant expense when shipping beverages, rather than passing them onto the customer. This strategy not only enhances the value of the membership but also encourages long-term loyalty.

Final Thoughts about the

Go Brewing Beer Club

Go Brewing’s beer club is a testament to the brewery’s dedication to providing an exceptional experience to its members. With its range of memberships, exclusive perks, and commitment to flexibility and savings, it’s an attractive option for anyone passionate about craft beer. Whether you’re an Enthusiast, a Believer, or a VIP, Go Brewing has something special in store for you.

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