How Two Brewers Moon-Landed into the Oval Office: A Tale of Hops, Hope and the Highest Office

A flying moon rocket

This is the second part of our series “Hops & Giggles”. You can call it fan-made fiction or whatever, but I hope it gives you a few laughs! Bill Shufelt and John Walker, two blokes who loved the golden bubbly but hated the staggering and stumbling, decided to stick their fingers in the beer barrel … Read more

Hops & Giggles Part 1: A Journey Through the Hop-less Wasteland of Sobriety

Hipster drinking non-alcoholic beer

So, I decided to make a comedy series about non-alcoholic craft beer called Hops & Giggles. I have used the help of my good friend GPT and in this post I had it write a non-acoholic hipsterish article in the voice of George Carlin. All for good laughs, enjoy! The story Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve … Read more