Heaps Normal – Quiet XPA Review

  • Name: Quiet XPA
  • Brewery: Heap Normal
  • Style: Non-Alcoholic XPA
  • ABV: 0.5%
  • IBU: N/A
  • Packaging: Can
  • Released: 2020
  • Rating: 37/50


I had the Quiet XPA at Embargo Craft Beer bar in Phnom Penh. It’s unfortunately not a part of their normal selection as there is currently no way to get non-alcoholic craft beer in Cambodia. There are still some macro brands available and at Embargo you can find Carlsberg 0 if you ask the staff.

This is a beer from the Australian brewery Heaps Normal. It’s a brewery founded in 2020 that only brews non-alcoholic craft beers. Here are a few other popular beers from this brewery:

  • Half Day Hazy Pale Ale
  • Another Lager

This is only the second non-alcoholic beer from Australia we have reviewed, the other being Free Time from Bridge Road Brewers.

Tasting Notes

The beer pours hazy, light golden, on the verge of looking like a wheat beer.

I’ve had this beer before and I wasn’t too impressed. Now when I’ve tried quite a few other ones and gotten used to non-alcoholic beers I quite like it.

The aroma is that of fresh hops. The taste is quite what I would expect from the aroma as well, quite a grassy hoppy taste. Feels like you’re chewing on hay, but not at all in a bad way.

It has a light mouthfeel and carbonation is on the higher side.

Heaps Normal – Quiet XPA Calories and Nutrition

There are 22 kcal in 100 ml or 76 kcal in a can of the Quiet XPA. A can is 355 ml or 12 fl oz.

The brewery says they have tested their beers for gluten and the test showed there were no gluten in them. However they are using normal grains so there is a chance there is some gluten in it. They also say that there are no animal products added to their beers.

The ABV is 0.5% but we could not find any information about the IBU.

Heaps Normal – Quiet XPA Rating

This is actually a great alcohol free craft beer that has grown on me over time. It doesn´t really taste like a normal beer but the grassy flavor is quite pleasant when you get used to it. With the high carbonation and light body it is also very refreshing. Now I wish I would have another one in my hands.

Our Alcohol Free Craft Beer Rating – 37/50


What is the ABV of Heaps Normal – Quiet XPA?

The ABV of this beer is 0.5%.

How many calories in this beer?

There are 22 kcal per 100 ml and 76 kcal in a 355 ml or 12 oz can.

Is Heaps Normal – Quiet XPA vegan?

Heaps Normal says they only add water, malt, hops and yeast to their beers.

Is Heaps Normal – Quiet XPA gluten-free?

It is believed the Quiet XPA is very low in gluten.

Where to buy Quiet XPA online?

You can buy this beer from their official website.

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