Athletic Brewing Releases App for iOS

The very popular American non-alcoholic craft beer brewer Athletic Brewing has released a new app. With the Athletic Brewing App, fans of the craft beer brand will be able to get exclusive perks like access to exclusive beers and special offers.

Many perks, but so far only for iOS

We looked around in Google Play if we could find a beer app for Android as well. Unfortunately we could not find one so these perks are only for iPhone users.

The first perk you will be eligible for after downloading the app is a free six-pack. To be able to get this offer you need to follow these steps:

  • Download the app from App Store.
  • Add three six-packs to your cart.
  • A discount of one six-pack will automatically be added.
  • Pay for your two six-packs and get the 3rd one for free.

Other benefits with the Athletic Brewing App

One of the main selling points with the Athletic Brewing app is exclusive beers. They will release some NA craft beers that will only be available to order on their app. The Trucker’s Tropical Triple IPA seems to be their first beer only available on the app.

Another nice thing with the app is that it has a store locator. With this you can always find the closest place stocking their beers. You don’t need to wait for the online orders to be delivered, you can easily just walk to the closest shop selling Athletic Brewing beers.

Ordering beers from their webshop also works a lot easier with the nice UI of the app.

Pioneers of non-alcoholic craft beer

Athletinc Brewing Company is one of the most important names in the alcohol free beer industry. They have been around since 2017. Apart from over half a dozen flagship beers they regularly release limited specialties.

Currently the app is only available for iOS. Download Athletic Brewing App.

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