Nils Oscars – Alkoholfri Brown Ale Review

  • Name: Alkoholfri Brown Ale
  • Brewery: Nils Oscars
  • Style: Non Alcoholic Brown Ale
  • ABV: 0.4%
  • IBU: 47
  • Packaging: Bottle
  • Released: 2017
  • Rating: 39/50


The Nils Oscars Alkoholfri Brown Ale was the first beer on my non-alcoholic beer adventure. Nils Oscars Brewery is a Swedish craft beer brewery. They are located in Stockholm and the brewery was opened in 1996, just one year after Gotlands bryggeri. It was actually the first Swedish craft brewery to launch a non alcoholic craft beer back in 2015. This NA Brown Ale was released just two years after that, in 2017.

Tasting Notes

I was really surprised regarding this beer actually. As I said it was my first alcohol free craft beer. I have had a few Heineken 0 before and never really liked them. This Brown Ale changed the game for me.

I drank a sip and thought “ah some good beer”! Then I thought to myself “Wait! Is this beer? Is it alcohol free”? I had to check the bottle again, take another sip, and wondered to myself how alcohol free beer can be this good.

I have to say this Brown Ale was a fantastic surprise.

For a brief initial 10 seconds I didn’t know what was going on. I thought I was drinking alcoholic beer, but then I remember I had promised myself to drink less alcohol. It was a very weird experience.

I have to say this Brown Ale was a fantastic surprise. I hadn’t expected much because the previous alcohol free beers I’ve had were quite bad.

It’s nice and carbonated and the dark malts definitely give the beer a body that not even low alcoholic beers usually manage to have. I guess it has to do with the roasted malts that leave unfermented sugars in the beer to give the beer a heavier body. 

It doesn´t lack flavor and I do enjoy the roasted malts. It’s quite heavy on the hops as well. Of course, it’s no hop bomb as it’s a Brown ale but the hop flavours are still noticeable.

Alkoholfri Brown Ale Calories and Nutrition

This beer has 20 kcal per 100 ml. It seems like it´s just made with malted barley, yeast, hops, and of course water. The ABV is 0.4% and the IBU is 47.

Alkoholfri Brown Ale Rating

Even if it´s a Swedish nonalcoholic craft beer I bought this brilliant beer at a grocery store in Nauvo, Finland. I was on the way from Nauvo to Utö. The latter is the southernmost inhabited island in Finland. There was a small shop on the island but they did not serve any alcohol free beer, only non alcoholic cider. If you ever feel like visiting you can take a free ferry from Nauvo to Utö. It takes 4:30 hours and is done with M/S Baldur.

Anyways, Alkoholfri Brown Ale is a beer I would be very happy if I got at a non alcoholic bar. I love the roasted malts and it makes it taste like a proper beer despite having low alcohol content.

Our Alcohol Free Craft Beer Rating – 39/50

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What is the ABV of Alkoholfri Brown Ale?

This beer has an ABV of 0.4%.

How many calories in Alkoholfri Brown Ale?

The calories in this Brown Ale are about 67 kcal per can.

Is Alkoholfri Brown Ale vegan?

We could not find any information if this beer is vegan or not.

Is Alkoholfri Brown Ale gluten-free?

This Oat Ale is not gluten-free.

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