Big Drop Brewing is Giving Out Scratchcards

The English non-alcoholic craft beer brewery Big Drop Brewing has a new fun campaign.

If you don´t know this brewery they have released award-winning beers as Paradiso Citra IPA, Poolside DDH IPA and Pine Trail Pale Ale.

To get the scratch cards you don´t need to buy exactly these beers. You can just go to their website and order any non-alcoholic craft beer in their selection. With every order, they will include a Big Drop Brewing scratchcard. There doesn´t seem to be any minimum order so you can just go in and grab a few of your favorite beers and they will give you a card.

The fun thing is, every scratchcard wins! You have to scratch 6 squares and one of these will be winning. The question is, what can you win?

The prizes can for example be loyalty points to their loyalty program. The loyalty program is called Big Tribe and in it you will earn points on your purchases. These points can then be used on discounts and more.

You can also win a free case of Thank Beer which is a limited edition non-alcoholic IPA. It´s brewed together with The Good Beer Co. and Adnams.

Other wins are different kinds of discounts for their webshop.

The grand prize for this promotion is your beer in height! That means if you are 6 foot tall they will stack beer cans up to 6″ and give them to you. If you win you might have to get your tallest friend to pick up the prize!

How you redeem the Big Drop Brewing scratchcards?

Just contact the brewery through their Instagram or Facebook and they will guide you through the process.

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